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Biplab Deb hoping 'Pickles' to Boost Economy
TIWN Feb 28, 2021
Biplab Deb hoping 'Pickles' to Boost Economy
PHOTO : Tripura CM Biplab Deb displaying pickles

AGARTALA, Feb 28 (TIWN): At least thousand of people were terminated under Govt owned Sectors in Tripura under the BJP Govt for last 3 years and the economy is doomed but as per Chief Minister Biplab Deb's claim, Tripura did not know how to marketing pickles.

Biplab Deb was addressing a media house conducted programme and said, "Recently I got some pickles with various fruits by the Horticulture Sector. Those pickles were tasty. Earlier also pickles were made in Tripura but there is no marketing for those" CM Biplab Deb's speech

Deb further praised PM Modi for his vision for the country, citing Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, claiming it was a successful project, amid Tripura is majorly suffering due to lack of hygiene maintenance.

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