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Biplab Deb's PP Ratan Datta bats for CPI-M State Secretary to give Cleanchit against 'Rose Valley' Scam News : Newspaper calls a 'Solid Setting' between CPI-M, BJP
TIWN Feb 25, 2021
Biplab Deb's PP Ratan Datta bats for CPI-M State Secretary to give Cleanchit against 'Rose Valley' Scam News : Newspaper calls a 'Solid Setting' between CPI-M, BJP
PHOTO : News Published in Pratibadi Kalam.

AGARTALA, Feb 25 (TIWN): Though the BJP before Election promised about Rose Valley case's proper investigation, where the mastermind behind the scam was suspected as Gautam Das, who was interrogated before 2018 Assembly Election by CBI, is now the State Secretary of Tripura CPI-M. But when honest CPI-M leaders like Badal Choudhury was dragged from hospital to Police station for state's PWD developmental works, in case Gautam Das, there is no word from the Biplab Deb Govt about the previously claimed Rose Valley scam. The CPI-M State Secretary's nexus with Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Deb has been alleged various times and now the nexus gets further grounds as BJP Govt has appointed PP Ratan Datta for Gautam Das to fight in a personal case against (TIWN) Editor. A leading newspaper 'Pratibadi Kalam' has published the news in details, expressed shocks over the nexus between two opponent political parties' top-layers.

Noteworthy, Pratibadi Kalam is one of the newspapers in Tripura which has faced CPI-M and BJP both Govt's rages for its neutral and bold news publications. When under CPI-M Govt, this newspaper was closed, under BJP, newspaper's bundles were burnt after snatching from the hawker. 

Pratibadi Kalam has termed the incident as a 'rare' one where a Govt PP is fighting for the opposition leader's personal case.

Moreover, there is no provision that a personal case can be dealt at a Govt's expense with Govt lawyer.  The same PP Ratan Dutta in case Badal Choudhury had fought a lot to put Badal Choudhury in jail but what such happened that in Gautam Das's case, the same PP is fighting for him ? Why the BJP Govt is helping CPI-M State Secretary Gautam Das and dealing with cruelty against bold leaders like Badal Choudhury. 

Gautam Das also has failed to organize the party properly with major losses in all elections, failure to protect CPI-M activists amid much brutal attacks allowing massive election rigging, by not giving chance to the young generation in the CPI-M. 

On Tuesday suddenly in Gautam Das and Saumen Sarkar's case suddenly PP Ratan Dutta reached and started batting for Gautam Das. Senior Advocate Amitabha Roy Barman has raised question over it in the Court, how Govt PP can fight in personal case ?

The Case Number CR-373 / 2017, was a defamation case was filed by Gautam Das in 2017 via his that time Lawyer PP (Public Prosecutor) Luftkar Khadim against TIWN Editor Saumen Sarkar over a news publication on Gautam Das's involvements in Chit-Fund scams after CBI had interrogated Goutam Das. 

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