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10323 Teachers Protest Falls on Day 40 : No Positive Response from Tripura Govt yet
TIWN Jan 15, 2021
10323 Teachers Protest Falls on Day 40 : No Positive Response from Tripura Govt yet
PHOTO : JMC protest at Agartala City Centre on Day 40. TIWN Pic Jan 15, 2021

AGARTALA, Jan 15 (TIWN): The terminated 10323 Teachers protest has fallen on Day 40 without any positive response from the State Govt yet. The teachers who started protest from December 7 are still continuing their agitation without a failure. The joint movement committee of the 10323 teachers are organizing this movement and without any break, the protest continues before Agartala City Centre. In his speech one of the terminated teacher, JMC member Arunjoy Chakma said, "We had no fault but on that time when High Court verdict came, may be, we could not explain the matter properly resulted huge badmouthing against us but the people who had indulged in bad mouthing about us, they have too realized their faults and thus no such propaganda is seen today. However, a little section is still active and we want to warn them to correct their attitudes. We had no fault. We were also recruited in the same process which was applied for other employees as per Govt's guidelines".

"We never thought, such things will happen with us but few politicians for their own interest destroyed our lives and made us bound to sit near drains of the city. We are protesting for 40 days. How we are passing days, we only know. Mosquito to drain smells have turned our lives miserable but for our livelihood and for education system, we are doing this. We are also humans. Our patience can not be held for a long time", said Arunjoy Chakma.  

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