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Husband strangualted his wife at Bagma : Police arrest the accused
Husband strangualted his wife at Bagma :  Police arrest the accused
PHOTO : Deadbody of Mrs. Akhi Shil (Das) at Udaipur Hospital. TIWN Pic Nov 26

UDAIPUR, November 27 (TIWN): Atrocities against women are on the rise in Tripura. Another housewife succumbed to the injuries that she suffered in the hands of her husband. Police arrested the husband on charge of killing his 22 years old wife.

The incident occurred on  Wednesday night when both the husband and wife had a tussle in victims house in Koligram   area of Bagma under Radhakishorepur Police Station. Both of them were furious against each other and all on a sudden in a fit of temper  husband Ajit Shil (29) killed his wife Ankhi Shil (Das) (22) by strangulating her. It was alleged that the husband Ajit often used to torture his wife Ankhi  over triffle matters ever since  their marriage . Ajit Shil is a rubber taper. 

Reportedly since after their marriage husband Ajit stopped going to his in-law’s house, but on Wednesday evening Ajit along with his wife went to his in-law’s house at Bagma Koligram  area.  While returning to his house , Ajit was found to be heading towards the  nearby jungle , where Ajit killed his wife Akhi. Later Ajit called the members of his li-laws' house and rushed to the Gomati District Hospital saying that they had met with an accident on the road. 

But  the police smelt  something wrong and  rushed to the hospital and  found the wife Akhi Shil (Das) lying dead on the floor.  There were cut marks on  Ankhi's neck  which indicates that  her husband killed her by strangulating. 

Later the family members of Akhi Shil (Das) lodged a commplaint in the R K Pur Police Station and alleged that husband Ajit is having an extramarital affair with another lady of his family( alleged to be the wife of his elder brother) due to which he often used to torture  Akhi Shil (Das). 

 On the other accused Ajit’s family members too  alleged that wife Akhi was also  having an extramarital affair with another boy. This afternoon Ajit himself confessed that  he had strangulated his wife as he was shocked to know of this extramarital affair . 

Police arrested the accused husband Ajit Shil on charge of killing his wife Akhi Shil (Das). Police is investigating into the case. 

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