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Judiciary ensures ‘Right to Livelihood’ in Tripura’s Lockdown : Based on media reports, Tripura High Court directs Judicial Team to address Goyala Basti milk sellers’ distresses
TIWN March 30, 2020
Judiciary ensures ‘Right to Livelihood’ in Tripura’s Lockdown : Based on media reports, Tripura High Court directs Judicial Team to address Goyala Basti milk sellers’ distresses
PHOTO : SDM, Legal Service Committee, police team visited Goyala Basti. TIWN Pic March 30, 2020

AGARTALA, March 30 (TIWN): Based on media reports, Tripura High Court has taken a sue moto step, ensuring ‘Right to Live’ of each citizen amid 21 days long unprecedented Lockdown which was necessitated due to massive outbreak of COVID-19 (Corona Virus). Infact 90% media had suppressed the news on Goyala Basti crisis under the headlines of "Stay Home" whereas few media still attempted to publish all news including starvation and distresses. However, after the news flashed in media including TIWN which published the news where humans to animals all are in half stomach in Goyala Basti as regular dealers stopped taking milks form them, now, High Court has directed West District Judiciaries to look after the matter. (Tripura High Court’s present Chief Justice is now Akil Abdulhamid Kureshi).

Nevertheless, who had given the order to District Court, it could not be known in details, but talking to District Judge S Datta Purakaistha, he said to media, “We have received a news in media before two days which also was observed by Tripura High Court. Then High Court instructed us to address their problems of the locals. As West Tripura District Legal Service Chairman along with SDM we have visited here". 

"We have contacted with various Depts including Police and Animal Husbandry. Basically their problems are : Cows’ food stocks as shops are closed and also unable to arrange grasses for their domestic animals, which they bring from Khowai. Moreover, they are unable to supply milk house to house. So with passes SDM will help them and also shops will be kept open to buy milks", he said.

However, in the ground report, it was also reveled that due to COVID-19 fear, people are not allowing any milk seller in home and also asked them not to give milk till lockdown, advising them to stay home. After Goyala Basti news came in media, Tripura High Court directed District Judges to ensure livelihood of the people during Lockdown. District Judge S. Datta Purakaistha talking to media. TIWN Video March 30, 2020

After the visit, SDM Sadar Ashim Saha has called a meeting for milk sellers of Goyala Basti and Sweet shops as due to sudden lockdown, the sellers are unable to move with their products and people are no more buying milk. Also sweet shops are not buying milk as their sales are low and workers in leave due to lockdown. The SDM has also urged local MLA Dilip Das to remain present in that meeting. Also passes will be given to milk sellers so that they can move in few areas of Agartala during lockdown.  Right now, crisis is existing in Goyala Basti and also animals are in half-stomach. In this situation, SDM has taken this move so that the situations can be managed at minimum.

Such crisis are going on as nation is on 21 days lockdown which was necessitated with Corona-Virus outbreak. 

However, public gave opinions that State Govt should buy those non-sold milk and can use in free food distribution programme etc. So far such  move has not been taken and the milk sellers are bound to sell products at Rs. 10 also. 

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