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Poor people attempt to go out amid Lockdown
TIWN March 30, 2020
Poor people attempt to go out amid Lockdown
PHOTO : Police stopped a rickshaw driver after he came out with rickshaw on lockdown. TIWN Pic March 30, 2020

AGARTALA, March 30 (TIWN): Amid lockdowns and awarenesses, the poor people are trying to move out of homes.

Such steps are leading them to get punishment but whenever they are asked, they alleged starvation and poverty.

Statewide poverty, starvation chances are reported although Government is trying hard to stop chances of any starvation. Officials are working day-night to identify the starving, workless people.

Without lockdown, Tripura suffers from starvations but with the lockdown the chances have gone high.

Govt of Tripura is giving free ration to the poor and assured MGNREGA works to be given.


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