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AMC Commissioner assured preparedness, identifies over 1200 immigrant workers with high Starvation chances
TIWN March 29, 2020
AMC Commissioner assured preparedness, identifies over 1200 immigrant workers with high Starvation chances
PHOTO : AMC Commissioner Sailesh Kumar Yadav leads routine spray programme with COVID-19 outbreak. TIWN Photo.

AGARTALA, March 29 (TIWN): Urban Development Dept Director, AMC Commissioner Sailesh Yadav said on Sunday that his team has identified over 1200 construction workers in urban bodies who are from other states but stuck in Tripura due to lockdown followed by COVID-19 pandemic and they are in starvation risks as no construction work is going on.

There Commissioner said, there are high chances of starvation among them and thus he had blueprinted a plan for them which has been submitted to the Govt of Tripura, yet to get approval.

He said, if he gets approval then from tomorrow Dept will start the project.

“Total 4,082 food packets have been distributed across state’s urban areas on yesterday and the number likely to be increased. In Ranir Bazar rations are given for 7 days and in similar ways various projects are going on, but survey found that 1200 people are there who are actually immigrants from Assam, West Bengal, Jharkhand like states. They are not getting any work and thus possibility of starvation are high there but I think if we serve them dry foods then they can cook. If Govt permits, we will start it from tomorrow”, he said.

He further said, “In Airport terminal construction over 500 workers are left workless. Now we are giving them cooked food but dry food will be better for them which they can cook by themselves”.

Sailesh Yadav then described about ration supplies and other distributions under PM Modi’s scheme for state’s people.

He urged everyone to collect free ration from ration shops.

“Most vulnerable situation is for the immigrant workers who have nothing. If starvation happens, then outside’s labourers will come under that crisis first which we don’t want”, he said.

Today in Amtali West Bengal based workers had broken down in cries begging food and way to go back home. 

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