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Retail stores following social distancing strictly in Tripura : Tripura has 20 days Food Stock
TIWN March 25, 2020
Retail stores following social distancing strictly in Tripura : Tripura has 20 days Food Stock
PHOTO : File Photo

NEW DELHI / AGARTALA, March 25 (TIWN) Retail stores in outer Tripura have begun strict adherence to social distancing since Wednesday, the first day of the 21-day lockdown. However, the biggest relief is for those who went into a panic buying mode after the lockdown was announced that big retail stores like Reliance Store, Big Bazaar and More have enough quantities of essential goods. But there was shortage of goods in the local shops. The Tripura government on Wednesday made it clear there will no shortage of goods in any shop in Tripura. Apart from this, the big retail stores have also not increased the rates of the items like the local shopkeepers have done. Reliance Fresh was still offering discounts on Wednesday like it used to give earlier.However, the entry to these stores now is not as easy as it used to be earlier. Entry to only five customers at a time is allowed in these stores as they have been asked to follow social distancing strictly.Customers standing in a queue outside the stores have been asked to maintain a minimum distance of one meter. They have been provided with a number for their turn and are not allowed in if they are not wearing masks.

The guards at Reliance Store in Nangloi stopped a man from entering the store as he was not wearing a mask. The man called up the police after he was stopped but the police also didn''t allow him to enter.

Big Bazaar has even started home delivery of goods. Customers can place their orders through the numbers issued by the store and get the items at home. The store is also offering cash on delivery service.

However, the store is also facing some problems with home delivery as the staff which is delivering the items is been stopped by the police. Apart from this, the store is also not able to deliver the items to those who are living at faraway places.

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