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Mohanpur Gangrape, Murder Incident : Ratanlal Nath calls public ‘not to take laws in hands’ after his own Party hooligans attacked Journalists, Opposition leaders, Victim’s mother throughout yesterday
TIWN March 15, 2020
Mohanpur Gangrape, Murder Incident : Ratanlal Nath calls public ‘not to take laws in hands’ after his own Party hooligans attacked Journalists, Opposition leaders, Victim’s mother throughout yesterday
PHOTO : Ratanlal Nath visited Mohanpur 22 years girl victim's home. TIWN Pic March 15, 2020

AGARTALA, March 15 (TIWN): Law Minister Ratanlal Nath on Sunday has visited Mohanpur’s 22 years old girl’s home who was brutally murdered in his constituency. Nath while reacting on the incident, attempted to justify police’s delay in FIR and unsatisfactory investigation process and pre-incident attitudes which totally negative against the victim according to victim's mother's statement. Although Ratanlal Nath was carrying lots of anti-social goons under party banner with him like biggest violence promoter Joylal Das and others and it was his party people who attacked journalists, opposition leaders, women activists, even victim’s mother by keeping the house gheraoed whole day on Saturday, today Ratanlal Nath has called for peace and asked public not to take law in hands and also suggested not to attack the family members of the arrested person.

However, police till now has arrested a single person Sourabh Pal, whereas even BJP Party MLAs said that this work can’t be accomplished by a single person. 

Moreover, no action has been taken against police for not lodging complaint / or starting initial investigation on 11th March night to find out the girl.  Congress leader Subal Bhowmik has slammed Ratan Lal Nath as the Minister of all anti-social elements including smugglers, mafias and rapists. With all these, the Law Minister has turned BJP’s Corona-Virus damaging the party image from the very beginning and he has always played the key role when it is about attacking opposition leaders including delivering extreme ill speeches against opposition leader Badal Chowdhury indirectly wishing him to ‘die’ like world level communist figures when he was arrested.

The reaction came after Congress leaders were allegedly attacked by BJP locals, and murdered  22 years girl’s victim mother was stretched by pulling her hair by those BJP miscreants at Mohanpur when Congress went to meet the family. Subal Bhowmik said, when that incident took place, media persons were also present.

Addressing media, Congress leader Subal Bhowmik alleged when the Congress leaders, members visited the victim’s house, a group of BJP miscreants attacked the Congress members with sharp weapons and took the victim’s mother by stretching her hair.

This shocking allegation was brought by a press conference in the Congress HQ in Post Office Chowmuhani.

Bhowmik further alleged, “Ratan Lal Nath is the leader of all smugglers, anti-social elements and rapists. His direct involvement is there to suppress the case and police’s negative attitude. We demand justice”.

“Ratan Lal Nath is doing mistake by thinking that by attacking us, he can control our voice. This protest will be expanded more”, said Subal Bhowmik

“Case should be registered right now amid Law Minister’s attempt to not lodging cases against all rapists. If investigated, then Ratan Lal Nath’s close people’s names will come out as rapists”, alleged Subal Bhowmik. 

 Reacting over day-wide attacks on the opposition leaders whoever went to meet the Rape, Murder victim of 22 years old girl’s family in Mohanpur, Congress leader Gopal Roy said  BJP is must trying to suppress many things and their actions prove that. He raised question, if BJP hadn’t anything to hide, why are the hooligans have kept the home gheraoed. BJP MLA Sudip Roy Barman has confirmed attacks on opposition leaders in that area which was controlled by him. Gopal Roy has also revealed that actually nobody was arrested till now whereas one was detained only for interrogation. Roy raised question, why none was produced before the court yet ? But most shockingly from Congress to Left, even lawyers’ body attacked, prevented when they went to meet the victim’s family.


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