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10323 teachers staged massive protest demanding Job Continuation : Asked BJP Govt to fulfill Pre-Poll promise immediately
TIWN March 14, 2020
10323 teachers staged massive protest demanding Job Continuation : Asked BJP Govt to fulfill Pre-Poll promise immediately
PHOTO : 10323 teachers holding protest in Agartala. TIWN Pic March 14, 2020

AGARTALA, March 14 (TIWN): Supreme Court led terminated 10323 teachers started 2-days-long demonstration in Agartala today seeking their secure future. While placing the demonstration the teachers placed 5 points of demands : 1) To save their livelihood, 2) To provide die-in-harness jobs to the died 10323 teachers families, 3) Withdrawal of termination letters, 4) Validation Act etc, 5) Job continuation with all facilities counting from date of appointments. They have said, behind losing their jobs, the teachers did not have any fault but it is Education dept’s fault. Mentioning about BJP’s Vision Document promise to them, 10323 teachers said that if the Govt forgets its promise, the protests will be written in history ! As Education Dept is not declaring anything for the teachers, thus the teachers have gone in massive protest. The 10323 teachers issue turning critical as BJP Ministers, MLAs, Leaders remained tightlipped over the Teachers alternative job arrangement issue.

Before election, the BJP bound the 10323 teachers to walk on road with Modi, Biplab Deb’s photo and bagged those vote banks with promise of permanent problem solution, whereas now Chief Minister Biplab Deb has directly told media, BJP never promised any job to the 10323 teachers. He said, BJP will think over 10323 teachers problems in humanitarian angles. The 10323 teachers under Victimized Ad-Hoc Teachers Association called a convention today in Agartala Rabindra Bhawan.The 10323 teachers via that meeting called all teachers including another group of 10323 teachers to come on a same  dais, so that they can raise their voices jointly.

The teachers’ ad-hoc tenure to be ended this month’s last date. BJP before coming in power promised to solve their uncertain futures and various press meets, speeches, meetings were done to bag the votes of the 10323 teachers.

But as Govt could not bring out any solution, thus teachers are now moving towards a united protest for their livelihood. 

Nevertheless, among 10323 teachers, 50 died out of tension and rest are on wait for Govt’s ultimate decision. The teachers have begged to meet Chief Minister Biplab Deb, but till now CM did not meet them.

Shockingly, taking a U-Turn, Chief Minister Biplab Deb said, “In the Vision Document it is nowhere written that BJP will solve the problems or give any jobs to 10323 teachers but, it is said that the Govt will think about 10323 teachers from humanitarian point of view”. Now whether “thinking” and “solving” both are same meaning, the BJP has to explain, as Vision Document promised to “solve” the problem and CM now said to just to “think” over the problems.

With this, the Acchee Din’s illusion are being broken either from 50,000 Govt jobs in 1-Year or 10323 teachers or Regularization issue.

On the other side, reacting over BJP Govt backed 10323 teachers insult to other 10323 teachers who are protesting for rights, the All Tripura 10323 Ad-Hoc teachers today in the scheduled convention announced that let the Govt really do for the teachers.

One of the teachers said, “We also want, Govt should do for us. Also, we don’t have that much of funds to pay the lawyers at Supreme Court. In this situation, we will wait till 14 and on 15th March, we are going on withdraw that case. Let’s see what Govt does for us then. Those who are talking tall that Govt will do everything, let them prove now”.

The tensed 10323 teachers have warned the BJP Govt to go in hunger strike if their problems are not soon sorted out.

The teachers filed a case of review of their termination as during the whole legal process they were never made a party, neither given any chance to place their statement before the court. This case’s hearing in Supreme Court is on March 15 and 10323 teachers asked Govt’s proper stand to the Supreme Court.

10323 teachers had lost their jobs in High Court and Supreme Court order after the courts found irregularities in the teachers recruitment in 2009-10.

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