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Amid Deteriorating law and order condition of Tripura, CM busy to attend house functions, Sunday lunches : No time to visit Rape Victims, Murdered Police Officer Lt Durga Chandra Hrangkhawl’s home
TIWN March 13, 2020

AGARTALA, March 13 (TIWN): Chief Minister Biplab Deb who is also holding the portfolio of Home Ministry, is in massive controversy due to the deteriorating law and order situations in his state and his silent role. One 22 years old girl’s dead-body was found today, created turmoil across the state. The opposition CPI-M has targeted the Chief Minister asking why does not he stand with the victims but has enough time to visit people’s homes to have meals or attending functions ? Also Chief Minister didn’t visit various custodial murder victims’ houses, Police Officer Durga Chandra Hrangkhawl’s house who was killed by Drug smugglers. The 22 years old girl who was going missing from yesterday night, found dead today morning in Mohanpur's Rangachara village. In the whole episode took place at a span of 24 hours, Police’s role remained totally unsatisfactory and numb as Sidhai Police under Law Minister Ratanlal Nath’s own constituency denied to lodge missing complaint when her mother went to file the complaint. The victim’s mother said that she was treated by police in very rude manner and was insulted when she sought police’s help. No police came to the missing girl's house, neither any investigation or search operation started and today, her blazed body was found in pathetic condition in a paddy field. Local people have complained that she might have been raped and then burnt to death. Police have taken the body for post mortem and one person was detained for interrogation so far.

Police have taken the body for post mortem and one person was detained for interrogation soa far.

The family members alleged that police misbehaved with them when they went to file FIR. Her mother said that they do not have any enmity with any local person at there.

The body was found near to the house of the victim, which has turned the crime angle more sensitive. Her mother said that she wants the similar end of the criminal whoever has done this.

The mobile phone was found with a driver named Sourabh Pal whereas the girl was too good in her reputation in that village. Even locals said, she had no affair with anyone.

Talking to police, it has been said that police started investigation and a person is detained for interrogation. But nothing can be said before the post mortem.

DYFI has organized a massive protest in Agartala, slammed BJP-IPFT Govt over pathetic law and order condition in this state.

The protest was organized followed by a 22 years old girl whose dead body in burnt condition was found in Rangachara village of Mohanpur. Allegation raised, she was murdered after rape.

Addressing media, DYFI Secretary Nabarun Deb has blasted Chief Minister Biplab Deb who is also holding the Home Ministry.

Deb said, “The CM has enough time to visit houses to attend functions but he does not have any time to stand with the victims”.

“Today from the morning viral photos of the 22 years old girl have shocked the state and nation. Recently a 52 years old woman was assaulted by tying her with a rope. Such incidents never occurred in Tripura earlier………..enough is enough ! Govt must take bold action against criminals. The state has become a free field for the criminals who are roaming free handed across the state”, Nabarun deb told media.

Before the incident, family went to lodge missing complaint, but police didn’t lodge it whereas police could handle the situation in better way by tracking her phone on yesterday night. One Sourabh Pal has been arrested.

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