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Police arrested 41 gamblers, Seized Rs. 65,000
TIWN March 13, 2020
Police arrested 41 gamblers, Seized Rs. 65,000
PHOTO : West Agartala Police arrested gamblers from Battala market. TIWN Pic March 13, 2020

AGARTALA, March 13 (TIWN): West Agartala Police via a secret information held one anti-gambling raid and huge numbers of gamblers were detained.

The gamblers were caught red-hanged with Rs. 65,000 in the Battala area. Battala is the heart of Agartala city, but often spotted with illegal activities. Gamblers arrested from Battala market (Agartala) by West Agartala Police force. TIWN YouTube Video March 13, 2020

Total 41 gamblers were arrested and cases lodged against all of them. 

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