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Ratanlal Nath’s tall claims on ‘Alternative Jobs’ for 10323 is yet Fruitless : No big Cabinet Decision for 10323 teachers yet, tension fuels up among teachers over uncertain situations
TIWN March 12, 2020
Ratanlal Nath’s tall claims on ‘Alternative Jobs’ for 10323 is yet Fruitless : No big Cabinet Decision for 10323 teachers yet, tension fuels up among teachers over uncertain situations
PHOTO : 10323 teachers paid tribute to passed away colleague. TIWN File Photo. Photo inset : Education Minister Ratanlal Nath.

AGARTALA, March 12 (TIWN): The terminated 10323 teachers yet in doubt about their future, burdened by massive uncertainty, confusions about their future as according to Vision Document promise, the BJP Govt has failed to sort out the teachers crisis situation when only 19 days left before the teachers to be devastated finally. The teachers have called a massive protest on March 14, 15 in Agartala demanding their deserve rights which was assured by the BJP before election verbally as well as via Vision Document. 10323 teachers were terminated by High Court, Supreme Court due to irregularities in recruitment procedure.

They are in ad-hoc basis jobs now.  It was expected that the BJP Govt would take an immediate decision in the Cabinet to solve their problems. 

Supreme Court led terminated 10323 teachers to hold massive demonstration on 14th and 15th March keeping the teaches deadline as ad-hoc teachers is on end.

The teachers on being asked by media about Corona-Virus related restrictions, teacher Bimal Saha that Govt has planned to prevent the protest of 10323 teachers with Coronavirus excuse. The teachers said, the Govt must shut schools and hall gatherings before it impose restriction on 10323 teachers protest. 

Addressing media, teacher Bimal Saha on behalf of All Tripura 10323 Ad-Hoc teachers Association said that these 2 days demonstration will be a warning for the Govt, so that it may find out 10323 teachers’ resolution at the earliest.Bimal Saha has called all teachers including another teachers group’s leaders, members to join the protest with the Ad-hoc group on 14th and 15th March.

When 19 days left for the termination of 10323 teachers according to Supreme Court’s order, Himanta Biswa Sarma’s pre-poll promises are now viral in social media who asked 10323 teachers to leave supporting CPI-M before the election as CPI-M could not do anything for them. What is the status of that file submitted to the Law Dept is today unanswered and all responsibilities were dumped on none other than Law/ Education Minister Ratanlal Nath although the promises were purely given by Himanta Biswa Sarma and Biplab Deb before election. On the other side, differences between 10323 teachers continues in Tripura and parted in 2 sections. One is still with the BJP Govt and another is questioning the Govt.

However, Education Minister Ratanlal Nath many times said that BJP Govt is very positive for the victimized 10323 teachers and also Nath said, still he is alive, nothing will hit the 10323 teachers.  Click TIWN YouTube Link

10323 teachers lost their jobs first in High Court, then in Supreme after courts found irregularities in their job recruitments. BJP before election promised the teachers to solve their problems  by changing a “portion” of the Education law only for Tripura. In this situation, the victimized teachers are yet hopeful on the Govt.

In the meanwhile, many 10323 teachers died unnaturally due to tension, depression. 

Terminated 10323 teachers have demanded immediate solution to their ongoing problems about job uncertainty.

Addressing media, the teachers said, only 1 month left that according to Supreme Court’s order 10323 teachers will lose their jobs but the Govt hasn’t solved their problems.

Before election, the BJP promised that the Govt will solve their problems if the BJP party is voted to power.

According to Supreme Court’s verdict, the teachers to lose their jobs by next month, who were terminated after the Court cited irregularities in the 10323 teachers job recruitment under the previous Left Govt.

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