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Financial support by TIPRA organization to Manoranjan Debbarma
TIWN Feb 15, 2020
Financial support by TIPRA organization to Manoranjan Debbarma
PHOTO : TIPRA organization leaders at Manoranjan Debbarma's home. Photo inset : Manoranjan Debbarma crying in Kalyanpur school field in CM's programme. TIWN Photos.

AGARTALA, Feb 15 (TIWN): Recently, a viral footage in the social media hit Tripura, where a poor man Manoranjan Debbarma was crying by displaying his cards and documents to media in Chief Minister’s programme and WAS tying BJP’s flag on his head.

He wanted to meet CM, talk about his problems but BJP activists didn’t allow him to meet CM allegedly calling him mad. This viral photo and video erupted massive resentment among the public.  

Tripura Royal scion Pradyot Manikya’s TIPRA organization is the first to provide him rice-sacks, food and also money.

In last 48 hours, Manoranjan Debbarma’s photo has generated much resentment among public. He and his family are suffering due to poverty, hunger. 

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