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Police brutality continues with ailing Badal Chowdhury : Instead of interrogation, Police staged shifting drama with media Circus from Central Jail to NCC PS, GB Doctors rushed to NCC PS under Court’s order
TIWN Nov 12, 2019
Police brutality continues with ailing Badal Chowdhury : Instead of interrogation, Police staged shifting drama  with media Circus from Central Jail to NCC PS, GB Doctors rushed to NCC PS under Court’s order
PHOTO : Badal Chowdhury brought to NCC PS. TIWN Pics Nov 12, 2019

AGARTALA, Nov 12 (TIWN): Police brutality and media circus continue with former Minister Badal Chowdhury under Biplab Deb rule and opposition leaders became more important than the cases filed against them. Although first 24 hours police could not arrange a room for Badal Chowdhury according to Court’s instruction, but after 24 hours instead of focusing on interrogation and investigation, Police were seen busy with Badal Chowdhury and shifting him from Central jail to NCC PS. However, media was not allowed to check the arrangement of Badal Chowdhury although advocates were seen reached to the spot. While entering NCC PS, Badal Chowdhury said, “They (Police) could easily do the interrogation at the Central jail but unnecessary brought me here”. However, the room should be comfortable for Badal Chowdhury if properly the Court order is followed.

Earlier Badal Chowdhury alleged court about “murder conspiracy” against him.However, so far the arrangement as said by Advocate Arindam Bhattacherjee that the bed of Badal Chowdhury has to be changed as he needs wood bed. I/O Ajay Kumar Das is checking the matter. Advocates of Badal Chowdhury told police to change the needful things by tonight and tomorrow anytime they will visit to check the arrangements. Click TIWN YouTube link to see Badal Chowdhury’s reaction before media.

On yesterday while allowing 4 days police remand by West Tripura District and Sessions Judge Sabyasachi Kar Purakayastha, the order stated.“Mr Badal Choudhury should not be kept and interrogated in any police lock-up considering his health condition. Badal Chowdhury should be kept in a separate place/room (single occupancy) having air and light availability and where there shall be provided at least one bed with cot for his sleeping and taking rest with provision of drinking water and proper diet and also with provision of lavatory in any nearby area of the room so that he is not required to walk much”.

Not only this, Court has also announced about the critical health condition of Badal Chowdhury with specific reasons, quoting from medical reports of the Govt Doctors. Badal Chowdhury is undergoing “hyper-tension”, “hear attacked”, “spine issues”, “regular infection from left basal ganglia”, “lung disease”. Doctors have suggested, “regular medication”, “regular blood pressure checkup”, “regular physiotherapy”, regular checkup, review of medicine in OPD and emergency etc.

Also everyday Doctor According to defence lawyer Purosattam Roy Barman, West Tripura district and session court Special Judge Sabyasachi Datta sent Choudhary in police custody after completion of his three-day judicial custody.

 ICU patient Badal Chowdhury who was forcefully removed from the ICU to General compartment in the ILS hospital was harassed by BJP’s Mandal Pratinidhi Dr Tamajit Nath and on 30th October, police forced the discharge of Badal Chowdhury in the ILS hospital and within moment forcefully Badal Chowdhury was brought from ILS hospital to West Agartala Police station in the hospital dress.

Critically sounded in health, the former Minister Badal Chowdhury who is not supposed to walk few metres also, was forcefully brought by walking in the West Agartala Police Station on October 30 and OC-Subrata Chakraborty, I/O-Ajay Kumar Das jointly physically harassed Badal Chowdhury and OC-Subrata Chakraborty behaved in mean way with the former Minister and pushed him into lockup to sit on a tool with a recently caught thief. 

Then Police shared the lockup footage with BJP’s IT cell who made the picture viral. In the mean time, Badal Chowdhury’s health again fell and Doctor immediately admitted Badal Chowdhury in GB’s ICU.

How Police on 30th October threatened Doctor inside the West PS : Police also threatened Doctor to sign in a paper while taking Badal Chowdhury to GB hospital on 30th October. When the whole administration appears to be sold to inhumanity and politicians, Dr Gopinath Burman has exclusively denied to bow head before West Agartala Police’s illegal request of giving signature on a paper. News report said, Police were trying to keep Badal Choudhury inside lockup amid his health condition’s fall. Not only this, Badal Choudhury also vomited inside the police station.Then Doctor was called and Dr Gopinath Burman checking Badal Choudhury’s health immediately suggested his medical care and thus taken to hospital.Police pressured him to put signature on a paper, but he denied. Also police warned him to be arrested but such threats could not bow his head down. Rather he said, he can hardly brief verbally.

Before entering to GB hospital Badal Chowdhury told media about police’s rude behavior and categorically mentioned OC-Subrata Chakraborty’s name for insulting him and pushed him in the lockup.

CPI-M former Minister Badal Choudhury's last words to media till he was in sense at GB hospital ICU. He accused OC, West PS Subrata Chakraborty for torturing him. TIWN Video Oct 30, 2019

Then in the GB hospital, Badal Chowdhury’s health condition developed but not fully recovered and thus Court although on yesterday permitted police to keep Badal Chowdhury in remand for four days but prohibited lockup and ordered a separate room where all facilities including bed, bathroom, everyday medical checkup and other facilities should be maintained.

After Court’s confirmation about critical health condition of former CPI-M Minister Badal Chowdhury, it is now more evident that ILS Doctor Tamojit Nath and his team led illegal release of Badal Chowdhury without consult of patient party and other billing issues. Then West Agartala Police’s brutality against Badal Chowdhury led by OC-Subarata Chakraborty is also now clear as brutal and inhuman for hijacking a patient from hospital to the Police station in hospital dress.

On November 12, Court has permitted police remand for Badal Chowdhury so that police can interrogate him properly but the plan which BJP Govt did to put Badal Chowdhury into lockup could not be succeeded as Court has ordered police to arrange a separate room for Badal Chowdhury where from fan to bathroom all facilities will be available along with ned and by maintaining proper medical care, regular Doctor's checkup. Also in the judgement it was said that in the name of medical checkup, Badal Chowdhury should not be taken out of that room but doctors will come here and everyday Doctors must visit there to see Badal Chowdhury. After arranging the room, Court should be informed to get permission for it.  Click TIWN YouTube Link to see Purushottom Roy Barman's address to media after judgement

Advocate Purushottom Roy Barman said that so far police could not arrange any such room and thus taken Badal Chowdhury to jail only. Click TIWN YouTube Link to see Badal Chowdhury leaving court

Advocate Arindam Bhattacharjee told media, “We do not have problem if Police interrogate him, but what is the concern is the experience of previous harassment to Badal Chowdhury”.According to the present medical condition, no mental stress can be given to Badal Chowdhury.  Click TIWN YouTube Link to see Advocate Arindam Bhattacharjee's briefing of judgement

 So far with the verdict it is clear that Badal Chwodhury’s health condition remained actually sick and thus, both Chief Minister Biplab Deb and Law Minister Ratanlal Nath is accused of spreading fake information against Badal Chowdhury about his health.  

According to the present medical condition, no mental stress can be given to Badal Chowdhury.

Not only this, Court has asked police to submit the report where Badal Chowdhury will be kept before taking him at there and till then, he will be in jail under police custody.

On 9th November, Badal Chowdhury told the court about the murder conspiracy against him by a section of Govt machinery. 

But both Chief Minister Biplab Deb and Law Minister Ratanlal Nath continued propaganda with fake information that Badal Chowdhury’s health condition is not well.

Click TIWN YouTube link to see what Biplab Deb said against Badal Chowdhury on Diwali

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