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Tripura Police’s inhuman act on a 72 yrs old ailing Ex-Minister : CPI-M to move Human Rights Commission for arresting Badal Choudhury in ICU with thumb-impression
TIWN Oct 30, 2019
Tripura Police’s inhuman act on a 72 yrs old ailing Ex-Minister : CPI-M to move Human Rights Commission for arresting Badal Choudhury in ICU with thumb-impression
PHOTO : Badal Choudhury admitted in ILS hospital. TIWN Pic Oct 22, 2019

AGARTALA, Oct 30 (TIWN): CPI-M party has accounced to move Human Rights Commission for arresting Badal Choudhury in ICU with thumb-impression. It was said by leader Pabitra Kar.On October 21, police arrested former CPI-M Minister Badal Choudhury in the ICU on October 21st not by taking his signature but by taking his fingerprint / thumbprint when he was admitted in the ICU after two heart-attack. CPI-M leader Pabitra Kar condemned CM’s speech attacking a person at personal level. He said it proves how mean BJP’s politics is. When a person is bed-ridden and the case under court, such comment from a Chief Minister is unacceptable."How a person can be arrested with thumb-impression ? We will go to Human Rights Commission with these issues. Kar also hit the Chief Minister for converting a religious programme into a political dais. A case is under the observation of the court but crossing all limits of minimum dignity, CM’s attack on the opposition leader is highly condemnable, he said. Click TIWN YouTube Link to see Adv Bhaskar Debbarma, Leader Pabitra Kar's speech

“Earlier, Ratanlal Lal, the Minister also spoke like a mad person against Badal Choudhury. Badal Choudhury is 72 years old and has a spotless career and such fabricated cases against Badal Choudhury will not stand”, said Pabitra Kar.

Reacting over the incident, CPIM(L) leader Partha Karmakar (State Secretary) said, this is inhuman that people are unable to see Badal Choudhury, whereas Badal Choudhury was arrested in a brutal manner. The CPIM(L) leader also said, such situation where people can not meet an ill person was not even seen in the Emergency times of India in 1975. “A severely sick person was arrested in so brutal way, when he was unconscious in ICU and how was the arrest was justified by taking his fingerprint ? We condemn this action of police ! This nothing but worse than Emergency situation of India”, said the CPIM(L) leader. The Party further demanded a Committee's formation under Judiciary to probe the alleged corruption case, so that police can not harass the sick person like this.

“We wanted to meet him but how we were prohibited, we too condemn this incident. We demand Govt of Tripura must allow common men to meet this person by maintaining discipline”, said the leader.  CPIM(L) leaders wanted to meet ill Badal Choudhury at ILS hospital, condemned Police's inhuman arrest of Badal Choudhury. TIWN YouTube Video Oct 26, 2019

“Badal Choudhury is not a terrorist that he would not be allowed to be met by any person. We can not accept such attitude of a Govt”, said CPIM(L).

HC Advocate Bhaskar Debbarma has termed the arrest of former Minister Badal Choudhury in ICU, amid “unconsciousness” is inhuman and undemocratic as well as contempt of court, violating Supreme Court’s guidelines of arrest’s criteria.

On being asked by media, Advocate Bhaskar Debbarma said, “In 2008-09 various developmental works took place in Tripura which were done under cabinet decisions. Aimed to suppress the developmental works, a fabricated case was filed against former PWD Minister Badal Choudhury by the BJP Govt”.

“This fabricated case itself displays, how much undemocratic this present Government can be”, said Bhaskar Debbarma.

Click TIWN YouTube Link to see Advocate Bhaskar Debbarma's statement

“Under this fabricated case, Badal Choudhury was arrested in a manner just like murder of democracy. He was arrested when he was in ICU and also in unconscious condition. Such a situation was created that there is no law existing in this country. Before the Govt, everyone is bowing head including media. The day Badal Choudhury was arrested, it has been almost 1-week but after the arrest also police failed to produce Badal Choudhury in court because, he is seriously ill”, said Bhaskar Debbarma.

“Under the law once a person is arrested within 48 hours he must be produced before the court. Police on that day (21st October, 2019) arrested Badal Choudhury with his thumb-impression which is too logicless”, he said.

“This is totally an unconstitutional type of arrest”, he added.

“Before the arrest, a person needs to be interrogated and then signature must be taken but the whole process was done by taking his thumb-impression when he was unconscious”, said Bhaskar Debbarma.

“Supreme Court has given 11 guidelines for an arrest and if these are not followed then it will be a contempt of court”, Bhaskar Debbarma told media.

He also alleged, police is torturing Badal Choudhury by removing him from ICU to cabin. He is under Police custody and was forced to remove from the ICU, to give an impression to public that Badal Choudhury is recovered whereas police failed to produce him in court. He said this is nothing but “mental torture” on Badal Choudhury which may lead an unwanted incident with Badal Choudhury.

Bhaskar Debbarma also said, Badal Choudhury has not even any type of involvement  and this case to lose ground soon in court but in this stage, Govt’s ultimate aim is to torture him and illegally police are doing this.

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