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Tripura CM’s comment on sub-judice matter, announcing ex-Minister Badal Choudhury as Criminal amounts to influencing Judiciary ahead of Oct 30 Bail petition hearing ?
TIWN Oct 28, 2019
Tripura CM’s comment on sub-judice matter, announcing ex-Minister Badal Choudhury as Criminal amounts to influencing Judiciary ahead of Oct 30 Bail petition hearing ?
PHOTO : Tripura CM Biplab Deb on Kali puja, Right : Badal Choudhury admitted in ILS hospital, Photo inset : Last hearing on Oct 24 in HC.

AGARTALA, Oct 28 (TIWN): When BJP Govt led Police Dept has failed to provide minimum evidence of former PWD Minister Badal Choudhury’s link with 2008’s construction works and PWD’s involvement in any scam led the PAC to certify the construction works and this Govt lawyers sought time to produce crime diary in the High Court (hearing is on 30th October), Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Deb’s political speech on Kali puja adding hates against Badal Choudhury as opposition party, claiming indirectly Badal Choudhury is doing drama of illness has hit the ethics of a CM, revealing him a totally politically biased BJP Chief Minister, who also violated the law by interfering in sub-judice matter. 3 days ahead of such comment on a sub-judice matter whether to influence the upcoming hearing, it has triggered question. On the occasion of Diwali, while addressing at a Shiv Temple in Agartala, Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Deb’s inhuman speech sounded as lack of “common sense”, just revealing how a political person’s ego can cause lack of minimum humanity.

On the verge of BJP’s failure to give jobs to youths according to Vision Document’s promise, when BJP is trying its best to spot on clean record holder former Minister Badal Choudhury’s image, who is suffering due to heart attacks caused by Biplab Deb Govt’s illegal order to police to harass Badal Choudhury without arrest warrant, was however denied by Biplab Deb.

Deb without mentioning Badal Choudhury’s name said, “As I started to investigate to the scams few persons are going to hospitals. I don’t have any problem if he stays in hospital. Let him be hospitalized. But whoever has committed crimes, will be punished legally”. 

Targeting Manik Sarkar (not taking name), Biplab Deb said, “He just wear white clothes and created an image that he is the clean person, but how a CM can overlook all issues held under him ? I have many Ministers, but still I keep watch on all ongoing issues”.

It can be mentioned here, Badal Choudhury’s situation is factually critical and the liability goes to the BJP Govt only.

Former PWD Minister Badal Choudhury is undergoing “Dementia” (memory losses) followed by two heart attacks, which is an overall term for diseases and conditions characterized by a decline in memory, language, problem-solving and other thinking skills that affect a person's ability to perform everyday activities. Memory loss is an example of it, which is however not uncommon in heart attack case.  CM's Political speech on Diwali

ILS Doctors have strictly objected any type of mental harassment on Badal Choudhury in this condition. But state was surprised to know that two police officers were continuously kept inside the cabin of Badal Choudhury 24 hours.

Whereas no scam could be proven, no personal transaction with Badal Choudhury could be claimed, neither case diary could be submitted in the High Court yet by police, still such mental tortures on Badal Choudhury have been condemned statewide.

Not only ILS Doctors but when Govt doctors visited ILS on being asked by media they also accepted that two heartattacks of Badal Choudhury are fact.

Media report says, Badal Choudhury not only a visionary leader but just like Manik Sarkar Badal Choudhury too carried a spotless image and their records have no spot. On the other side, BJP Govt wasted crores of Govt funds in CM, Ministers’ quarter renovation, furniture buying, gym setting and now ordered luxurious cars, whereas common men are subjected to be massive taxation.


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