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ADC members slams BJP’s ADC conspiracy
TIWN Oct 22, 2019
ADC members slams BJP’s ADC conspiracy
PHOTO : ADC members slams BJP’s ADC conspiracy, Radhacharan Debbarma addressing media. TIWN Pic Oct 22, 2019

AGARTALA, Oct 22 (TIWN): ADC members led by CEM Radhacharan Debbarma slammed BJP’s ADC conspiracy which led a meeting with a Governor of Tripura alleging No Trust Motion on CPI-M Governance.

The members alleged that under BJP’s conspiracy signatures in a blank paper were taking saying salary hike related deputation to be placed to the higher authority whereas few people’s signatures were forged.

The ADC CEM Radhan Charna Debbarma said that this is not a single and separated incident but BJP’s nationwide strike against the opposition and bribing attempt to corrupt people to break opposition parties.

All members came in a press meet, rejecting BJP’s claim of no-trust-motion by CPI-M ADC members.

Legal action will also be taken against the traitors in the CPI-M party who forged signature of colleagues. 

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