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‘12,000 non-taxpayer businessmen in Agartala to be brought under Taxes’, announced CM
TIWN Oct 10, 2019
‘12,000 non-taxpayer businessmen in Agartala to be brought under Taxes’, announced CM
PHOTO : Angikaar programme started statewide, CM inaugurated at Town Hall. TIWN Pic Oct 10, 2019

AGARTALA, Oct 10 (TIWN): Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Deb while addressing in the inauguration programme of “Angikaar”, a statewide programme, at Agartala Town Hall today said that there are only 8,000 tax-paying businessmen in Agartala whereas 12,000 businessmen do not give taxes. CM came to know about it from a section of businessmen who came to meet him at CM’s quarter recently to talk about the increased taxes, which was step back by the Govt after talking to them. Deb said, the remaining 12,000 businessmen do not have problems to pay taxes but they are doing business in rent and thus if agreement with the owners are instructed then taxes can be started to take.CM further mentioned in CPI-M Govt’s time the revenue was only 9.8% which has now increased into 26%.

“I know business actually. Also there is a give and take relation with the public. We are utilizing funds for development works from the collected funds from the public. So, in eitherway, the public are getting back their moneys in retun”, Deb said.

Chief Minister Biplab Deb has inaugurated “Angikaar” programme at Agartala Town Hall today in the presence of Municipal bodies representatives.This programme was organized by Urban Development dept.

Eight topics were discussed in the programmes which covered these areas in wide manners. The issues are :

1)    Segregation of waste,

2)    Health & Hygiene,

3)    Smoke free kitchen,

4)    Water conservation,

5)    Go green, plant trees,

6)    Energy conservation,

7)    Cohesive Living,

8)    Environment protection.

While addressing on the occasion, Chief Minister Biplab Deb mentioned how his Govt developed the state by utilizing various central govt schemes.

Referring tax collection rows, he said, Atal Jal Yojna was succeeded by collected taxes from public and his Govt has no intention just to collect taxes by not benefiting the public in return. He announced 30,000 people have got connections by Atal Jal Yojna.

Deb also urged the Corporation leaders to work dedicatedly whose salaries were recently increased from 4,000 to 15,000. 

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