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Annual Bhutia-fair to start from October 15, Products from Nepal, Bhutan exported
TIWN Oct 9, 2019
Annual Bhutia-fair to start from October 15, Products from Nepal, Bhutan exported
PHOTO : Preparations for Bhutia fair started in Agartala. TIWN Pic Oct 9, 2019

AGARTALA, Oct 9 (TIWN): Preparation for Bhutia market is on peak giving a sign to the upcoming winter season. This year the fair will be started from October 15, 2019.

It becomes easier for us to secure a good place for our stalls if we arrive in the last week of October," said a young shopkeeper at the Bhutia market near Orient Chowmuhani.

From Nepal, Bhutan products have been brought to sale during the fair.

Like every year Bhutias have already arrived in the State for selling winter clothes at Orient Chowhumani with huge amount of Woolen garments.

Come winter and the Bhutias are back in Agartala to spread warmth. These Bhutias descend from the hilly regions of north and northeast India to sell their colourful woolens. City residents await their arrival eagerly in every winter.

Ahead of winter, Bhutia men and women arrive in Tripura for selling woolen garments to make the people of this hilly state feels comfortable at winter. Selling a wide variety of woolens at very reasonable prices, they are a hit with middle class customers and youngsters by selling sweaters, mufflers, gloves, socks, caps etc.

"We have been putting up stalls for many years. I have been coming here for the 7-8 years. We probably had some 20 stalls then and now it has increased to around 40-45,"-says a Bhutia women. On an average day, they sell garments worth around Rs.1000 to 3000 but on holidays the figure goes up to Rs. 5000.

We bring most of the products from Manipur, Nepal, Kolkata and Delhi. Normally, we order the stock almost a year ahead but we also bring some of the stock from the year before," she added.

Every year before the onset of winter, Bhutias set shop in the city. But one of the sellers complains that their selling do not match the expectation as competition from newly emerging shopping malls has lowered their sales.

The woolens sold by the Bhutias are not only of good quality but also fashionable. Though these woolen garments are not branded products, these are of very good quality and affordable.

‘Bhutias’ are warm-hearted and simple people. The occupation of the ‘Bhutia’ tribe is usually farming, producing vegetables and fruits. They are experts in weaving. Another major occupation of this tribe is breeding yaks and sheep. 

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