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With Durga puja ends, preparations to begin in households to celebrate Laxmi puja
TIWN Oct 9, 2019
With Durga puja ends, preparations to begin in households to celebrate Laxmi puja
PHOTO : Laxmi idols pilled up in Agartala markets. TIWN Pic Oct 9, 2019

AGARTALA, Oct 9 (TIWN): With the end of Durga puja, statewide households are busy in preparing for Laxmi puja. Kojagiri Laxmi puja will be celebrated on October 13.

Along with celebrations of Puja, food items like “luchi”, “halua”, “polau”, “bhugni”, cabbage are much popular food items of Bengalis in this Laxmi puja.

As per Hindu scriptures, it is believed that on Kojagiri Purnima, Maa Mahalakshmi was born. In 2019, Kojagiri Purnima occurs on 13th October 2019.
To propitiate Maa Mahalakshmi on this day, a fast is observed by married couples or married women. A puja is conducted to seek Maa Mahalakshmi’s blessings. Maa Mahalakshmi is the wife of Lord Vishnu and she symbolizes wealth and prosperity.

To observe vrata on this day, it is important to following the below 8 rules and rituals:

Nonvegetarian food should be strictly avoided

The Kalash should be filled with water and adorned with betel leaves

Coconut should be placed on top of the Kalash

A red cloth must be tied around the Kalash with a red thread

It should be further decorated with four horizontal lines, Swastika with red kumkum. These indicate Chatur Veda, symbolizing prosperity and purity

In the Kalash, rice and coins must be placed in the water.

This Kalash is now ready to be worshiped as Maa Mahalakshmi. Now the Kalash should be placed in a place where regular prayers are conducted. Also, the lighting of diyas is important. Mantras like Satanamavali, Lakshmi Sahasranama stotra, Lakshmi Ashtottara should be performed.

As bhog, at least nine varieties of delicacies must be offered. They should be a combination of sweet and savory foods.

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