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Petrol price in Agartala recorded Rs. 74.31 on Monday
TIWN Oct 7, 2019
Petrol price in Agartala recorded Rs. 74.31 on Monday
PHOTO : Bikers buying petrol at Agartala Petrol pump. TIWN Photo.

AGARTALA, Oct 7 (TIWN): Petrol prices in Agartala still at volatile, as prices of crude oil have been showing a firm trend.

Today’s petrol price in Agartala ₹ 74.31 (7th October 2019).

Fuel prices are revised daily but its price is at high trend so far. The rupee has also moved lower against the dollar, which has made petrol prices in Agartala more expensive than before.

Petrol prices have shown a steady decline after a continuous rise for several days. Petrol prices were cut by 13 paise on Monday, while diesel prices were down by 12-13 paise across four major cities. In a big relief, the petrol prices have come down to below Rs 80 per litre-level in Mumbai, while diesel is still above Rs 70 in Mumbai and Chennai. Since October 2, petrol has seen 72 paise decline in Delhi, while diesel prices have dropped by 46 paise. The other metro cities have also seen a similar cut in fuel prices.

Petrol, diesel prices in the four metropolitan cities:

Delhi: Petrol - Rs 73.76; Diesel - Rs 66.91

Mumbai: Petrol - Rs 79.37; Diesel - Rs 70.14

Kolkata: Petrol - Rs 76.40; Diesel - Rs 69.27

Chennai: Petrol - Rs 76.61; Diesel - Rs 70.68

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