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Maha-Ashtami observed at Udaipur’s ancient Durga temple
TIWN Oct 16, 2019
Maha-Ashtami observed at Udaipur’s ancient Durga temple
PHOTO : Durga puja observed at Durga Bari, Udaipur. TIWN Pic Oct 6, 2019

UDAIPUR, Oct 6 (TIWN) : Udaipur city which is better known as the "city of temple" holds an ancient temple here, dedicated in the name of Goddess Durga. This temple is well popular for Basanti Puja and Durga Puja during Spring and Autumn season. This temple however historically known as Hari Mandir. Today Maha-Astami was celebrated here with full devotion like every year.

The temple is taken care by a particular family namely Deb Bari since kings’ era.

A temple with difference can be seen on the south bank of Gomati (at the northeastern side of Jagannath Dighi).

Nevertheless,  as far as embellishment on the temple surface is concerned,  it'll definitely stand independent of other temples in Udaipur.

However, this Udaipur temple is although not much popular anymore, but everyday rituals and mantra chanting are held here with full of devotion.

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