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Section 144 at Mungiakami extended, tension continues : BJP-IPFT clash disrupts law and order
TIWN May 30, 2019
Section 144 at Mungiakami extended, tension continues : BJP-IPFT clash disrupts law and order
PHOTO : Mungiakami villagers blocked road on May 28, 2019

TELIAMURA (Tripura), May 30 (TIWN): Tension continues at Mungiakami, led the administration to extend the timeline for Section-144 at there till Thursday. If situation is not normalized, emergency alerts will be continued. After four rounds of firing sound was heard at Mungiakami in Teliamura, local people (suspected as IPFT supporters) in huge group attacked BJP leaders and vandalized local party office at there.Centering the incident local administration has come in action to assure the locals on peace-delivery. The angry mob also blocked road, burnt a bike demanding immediate arrests of the culprits and stop poll violence.Right now Section-144 is being imposed at there. The mob also held attacks on two BJP leaders named Jyotirmoy Debbarma and Swapan Debbarma.The resented the mob held hour-long blockade on the National Highway. When local BJP leaders arrived the spot, the mob became more furious.

Chief Minister Biplab Deb has urged all political parties to take responsibility and to be careful while delivering speeches.

When state is suffering from law and order problems and all parties has called for peace, few miscreants in various party colours have continued violence.

Lack of action against miscreants leading the main chaos.

In Mungiakami, it is now clear that it was an internal clash between BJP and its partner IPFT which erupted Tuesday and two BJP leaders were attacked.

Earlier in last 14 months BJP’s ally IPFT came in protest various times with BJP many times but at the ultimate time of Election IPFT stood with BJP, but giving separate candidate in Lok Sabha Election, IPFT has ranked 4th which has rattled the party leaders.

After election IPFT held a party meeting and IPFT Ministers as well as the party president NC Debbarma had to answer his people the reason behind this massive fall. IPFT ranked 4th in Lok Sabha Election and there was a huge switch over of Tiprasa votebanks with Congress.

Violence continues statewide, even though it has decreased since yesterday.

Till now at least three killed, one died in heartattack, more than two hundred people injured in post poll violence in Tripura.

This time, at Khayerpur one 20 years old boy Suman Das was killed in a brutal mob-violence on Sunday evening, which was most brutal murder, killed by around 50 people.

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