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Massive violence goes nonstop in Tripura : Biplab Deb calls Opposition for ‘Constructive Criticism’
TIWN May 24, 2019
Massive violence goes nonstop in Tripura : Biplab Deb calls Opposition for ‘Constructive Criticism’

AGARTALA / NEW DELHI, May 24 (TIWN): Holding press conference on Thursday after BJP’s massive victory in Lok Sabha Election 2019, Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Deb asked the opposition now to become constructive critics and to help the Govt in development.The statement from Biplab Deb came after Congress State President Pradyot Manikya had telephoned Biplab Deb to take a control over the ongoing violence and Pradyot Manikya said, “I never saw such violence in my state”.But, since then there is no ending of violence rather the level of violence, money extortion have increased double with hours’ passing.Hundreds of opposition supporters have been hospitalized till now.The attacks are that much critical that few life-losses will not be shocking as many are in critical stage.In this situation, question raises on what basis, Chief Minister Biplab Deb had called for constructive criticism from the opposition ?

However, after the result out no opposition parties in Tripura have made any comment yet so far.

Congress State President Pradyot Manikya has called for peace and non-violence.

In another deadly attack, a person who was working in the fishery dept was severely injured by BJP supporters at Udaipur, in the Gomati District of Tripura after he denied to give away fishing nets to loot the nearby Dhanisagar.

In capital city’s Ramnagar area, at Avik Sengupta’s home gate lights were broken by stick and also a mini bomb exploded inside the corridor at midnight 1:30 am. The family immediately called police and seeing police the miscreants rushed out from their house, ran away before Police Came. Police promised to guard the house from the street tonight.

There are various viral footage of similar incidents. Lined by Gandhi School, an age-old sweet shop was broken just because the miscreants were trying to enjoy the election victory.

Dipak Deb’s home at Khayerpur was brutally attacked, family members injured.

In Birchandramanu opposition activists were injured brutally.

Congress leader, former BJP Vice President Subal Bhowmik has visited various hospitals and met the party workers who were injured in brutal attack of BJP on yesterday.

BJP continued its nightmare attacks house to house on yesterday. Money extortion was also alleged.

Top CPI-M leaders’ houses were attacked on midnight including Deputy Mayor of AMC Samar Chakraborty.

Congress State President Pradyot Manikya has asked BJP to control its hooligans who are deeply indulged in post poll violence.

At least 55 counting agents were beaten in Tripura during the counting session. 

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