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PVC based Identity Card for Businessmen and buyers of Border Huts at Srinagar
PVC based Identity Card for Businessmen and buyers of Border Huts at Srinagar
PHOTO : Srinagar Border Haat

Srinagar/Sabroom, September 29 (TIWN):One border haat is complete at Srinagar in Sabroom which may be inaugurated any time .The objective of setting up of such markets on the border to encourage selling and buying of locally produced goods.

The haat which was constructed at Srinagar this year would be officially inaugurated after getting permission from the Ministries of Commerce of India and Bangladesh.

Altogether four border haats would be constructed in Tripura. The two others are at Kamalpur in Dhalai district and Dharmanagar in North Tripura district.

Business in the market (haat) would take place once a week among the people living within 5 km radius of the border who would sell and buy locally produced goods and crops. No local taxes would be imposed on the items to be sold in the haats and currencies of both the countries would prevail.

Initially 16 items are shortlisted which include agricultural and horticultural crops, spices, minor forest products excluding timber, fish and dry fish, dairy and poultry products, cottage industry items, wooden furniture, handloom and handicraft items etc.

Moreover PVC based Identity Cards for Businessmen and buyers in Border Huts at Srinagar Sabroom .An application software will be generated and data will be digitized in the approved format.Photographs of the person after identification by the DM office will be recorded in application and get stored at the backend. Before printing,  the digitized demographic data and photograph captured in the database will be verified and authenticated by the concerned official.

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