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Problems Seal Oil Motor Pump in Gas Turbine; Trial run of Unit-II of OTPC cancelled up to 6th October
Arunabha Bhowmik
Problems Seal Oil Motor Pump in Gas Turbine; Trial run of Unit-II of OTPC cancelled up to 6th October
PHOTO : OTPC Palatana. TIWN Pic Sept 26

PALATANA/UDAIPUR,September 26 (TIWN): The much expected Pre-Commercial Generation (COG) activities in the 726.6MW Combined Cycle Gas Turbine(CCGT) Thermal Power Plant have been cancelled up to 6th October due to a major problem in Seal Oil Pump motor , confirmed a top Level OTPC engineer on Friday afternoon. Thus, the chances to start Commercial Generation from Unit-II too have been postponed for a minimum period of fifteen days. The motor has already been sent for repair and it is learnt that it will take at least one week's time . Seal Oil Pump Motor is a crucial unit of the Gas Turbine and without repairing it the Gas Turbine cannot be operated, said the engineer.Earlier the Purge Valve of the Gas Turbine too was damaged and it has been repaired. But an OTPC engineer confirmed that though the Purge Valve has been repaired, it is not confirmed whether it is usable unless the Valve is out into operation.

 Meanwhile Asst General Manager of BHEL B K Bhora has returned from Hyderabad. But the scheduled meeting that was to be held this week too is postponed. And it won't take place before Durga Puja. Some of the spare parts that are needed to be replaced in the Unit -II have already despatched from BHEL's manufacturing unit and by one week's time they may reach in Palatana. Again some of the spare parts are also needed for Unit-II.

      With the recent activities one can easily guess that the pre-Commercial Generation activities won't start before second week of October. And once the activities start , it will take more than ten days to make the plant ready for Commercial Generation. And inspite of round the activities Unit-II won't be operational before 15th of October.


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