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10323 Illegal Recruitment : Ahead of final SC hearing, terminated 10323 teachers launch massive protest demanding 'Security for their future'
TIWN Oct 30, 2018
10323 Illegal Recruitment : Ahead of final SC hearing, terminated 10323 teachers launch massive protest demanding 'Security for their future'
PHOTO : 10323 teachers held protest at Agartala. TIWN Pic Oct 30

AGARTALA, Oct 30 (TIWN): Terminated 10323 teachers whose fates to be announced with the final verdict on November 1st at the Supreme Court, have placed a mass deputation to the Education Director U K Chakma. They have also demanded, the culprits behind the 10323 teachers recruitment who are responsible for the irregularities-in-recruitment should be punished. On November 1st, Chief Justice of Supreme Court Ranjan Gogoi to hear the plea of terminated 10323 teachers case. Sitting Judge Dhananjaya Y. Chandrachud, Udoy Umesh Lalit are the two more judges in the case of 10323 along with Chief Justice in a division bench. Tensions have gripped the teachers as only 2 days left that a developmental hearing or the final hearing may be pronounced on that day.Uncertainty of the teachers which gripped them since 2014 since High Court terminated them due to irregularities in appointments is still continuing after long journeys till Supreme Court. However, the teachers according to the last development had lost their jobs already on December 31st, 2018 but now continuing on "ad hoc" basis.

On October 28, 10323 ad-hoc teachers of Tripura held a meeting at Hari Ganga Girls' School on Sunday aimed to take decision how to save own families regardless political identities and beliefs which varies from of person to person. Thus, they have taken the first step by placing a deputation to the Education Director. 

It can be recalled that a division bench of the high court, comprising Chief Justice Deepak Gupta and Justice Swapan Chandra Das, had passed then order May 7, 2014 terminating the jobs of 10,323 school teachers after Dec 31, citing irregularities in recruitment and SC has upheld High Court's 2014 verdict. On March 29, 2017, the Supreme Court also held High Court's order and terminated the teachers. Supreme Court in a humanaitarian gesture to 10323 teachers mentioned that the teachers will continue their jobs till 2017, 31st Dec. Later with the request of Tripura Govt, the Supreme Court added 6 months of ad hoc basis jobs for the teachers which was to be ended on June 30, 2018.After Biplab Deb led new Govt came in power it appealed the Supreme Court for the extension of two years more in the ad hoc. Next hearing on that is on November 1st. 

"A simple deal was done with the BJP on that time, if the party assumes power then the Govt will save their jobs under law. But, unfortunately they Govt has done nothing for us, rather just like the previous Govt with excuses, BJP Govt also has hanged the matter", said one of the 10323 teachers while addressing. 

The teachers also accepted that due to lack of cooperation between employees representatives and the Govt, the actual demand was never raised to the Govt. 

The 10323 teachers case one of the most complex cases in Tripura's Judicial history due various political phases time to time used the teachers as vote bank tools. 

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