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CNG crisis hits auto drivers Statewide
TIWN Oct 29, 2018
CNG crisis hits auto drivers Statewide
PHOTO : CNG crisis hits Agartala. TIWN Pic Oct 29

AGARTALA, Oct 29 (TIWN): Long queues of consumers are daily observed in front of the CNG stations across Agartala. In other subdivisions also the condition is more or less same.

The CNG stations in function unable to cater the demand of rising vehicles which has resulted this huge queue in the Station.

Besides, the situation has affected the smooth movement of the vehicles in the state.

The locals alleged that either there is no supply of gas in the CNG station or else machine is out of order.

Angry auto drivers mentioned that it is a common feature of all CNG stations every time the consumers had to wait for the prolonged many hours.

However, some consumer also alleged that as because the CNG machine had to pump the compressed natural gas it takes time and therefore in the mean time huge queue had been observed.

BJP's Vision Document ensures BJP Govt led "Promoting CNG and opening more CNG reflling stations across the state".


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