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'Tripura lost Democracy under BJP ruling' : Opposition
TIWN Oct 29, 2018
'Tripura lost Democracy under BJP ruling' : Opposition
PHOTO : BJP rally in Tripura. TIWN File Photo.

AGARTALA, Oct 29 (TIWN): Following the ongoing attacks upon opposition parties, Tripura CPI-M's one of the topmost leaders Badal Choudhury in an interview with TIWN claimed, Tripura has lost its democracy totally in last 7 months.

Talking to TIWN Choudhury said, "BJP's policy of No-Opposition, no contest is not expected. In democracy such things can not continue".

The statement from Badal Choudhury came after the stone pelting, attack incident which took place in CPI-M's rally on Saturday at Belonia, South Tripura when CPI-M was protesting against Rafale deal scam. BJP activists were seen carrying stones and sticks on hands and running after the rally with a terror attack left around 20 CPI-M activists injured, 14 serious. 

This attack has been exposed as a pre-plan attack of BJP upon the opposition and almost all the media, newspaper have reported this attack as "BJP led attack". Through facebook it has been known, BJP activists after attacking CPI-M were engaged in massive propaganda of the violence launched by them. The posts made it clear that the attack was done by BJP activists planwise. 

"We held the protest across Tripura yesterday on Rafale scam with proper police permission. After giving police permission such an attack was unexpected. People will give them the answer in right time. In presence of police such  attacks on opposition rally was never experienced by the state earlier", Badal Choudhury told TIWN. 

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