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Congress in Tripura: Does it deserve the tag of an effective Opposition? Losing its footings in new generation?
Arunabha Bhowmik
Congress in Tripura: Does it deserve the tag of an effective Opposition? Losing its footings in new generation?
PHOTO : All is well - Opposition leader with Chief Minister on Wednesday at new MLA oath taking ceremony. TIWN Pic Sept 24

AGARTALA, September 25 (TIWN): It all started when Samir Ranjan Barman became the Chief Minister of Tripura in 1992 and since then the saga of defeat has not changed for Congress in Tripura. Day by day lobby politics simply led the downfall of Congress but the leaders in Tripura seem to be quite oblivious of the fact that now the party's position in the state is really bad and no chance of hitting back to power, at least in the next 5 years. Due to the alleged involvement 'Got Up' game of a large section of its top level leaders with the ruling and that too simply because of earning money through back doors Congress party has practically lost its ground everywhere. If one looks back into the results of some of the elections held recently, be it Assembly Poll, Lok Sabha Poll , three-tier Panchayat Poll and even in Council election of different colleges - Congress has simply lost its footings in all sections. And frustrations are now gripping the majority of its workers.

 In the Assembly Poll 2013 Congress called for 'Parivartan' in the state by giving some lofty promises to all sections of people. But the leaders at that time probably were not aware of the fact that giving promises to the people is an old game of the politicians but to defeat an organized party like CPI(M) in Tripura, an opposition needs to be organized at the grassroot level. Over the years Congress party has been playing the role of ' Election Bird'; and once the election is over it turns into a ' Press Conference party' putting some blames on the state govt and not rocking the streets, connecting with common people but sitting in air conditioned rooms of Post Office Chowmahani. Most of the current leaders are all tested and they are a complete failure. But what is striking is that by managing the High Command and 10 Janpath these leaders have still been successful to retain their position. Yes,at times Congress company is out to the streets protesting against the miss-rule of CPI(M)but after one week or so, and then  such movements are stopped. Is it an indication that these movements are parts of strategy to show the High Command that the party has still its base in Tripura? Or are these all pre-planned activities, simply got-up matches being played under the instruction of Melarmath and its bosses?

   A large section of current leaders do have very good relationship with the ruling party and out of such relationship these leaders have so far been successful in amassing huge wealth and simply because of this 'hard earned money'(?) these leaders are now leading party in luxury. Is it not surprising for the leaders of a party, which has been performing badly in back to back elections since 1993 ? In 1993 Congress lost the election to Left Front as the people even those within the Congress were annoyed and angry with the Govt Machinery sponsored ' Gundaraaj ' all over the state. People of Tripura still consider that the defeat of Congress -TUJS Govt in 1993 election was a 'Heavenly Blessing' for them as marked the end of a 'Total Anarchism'.  And since then a seniormost leader within the Congress has been doing everything to create an unstable situation in the party. Even after the completion of Assembly Election in 2013, when a vast majority of the people were expecting for a change in Government, this leader told some of the budding Congress workers," If Congress comes to power and Sudip Roy Barman becomes the Chief Minister, this Govt cannot continue even more than six months." Later on,  these budding workers discussed among themselves that Congress leaders themselves do not want to come to power because they are having their luxury in spite of being out is the power for more than 21 years.

      A youth Congress leader's lifestyle is too under question. Quite magically within a period of three years time, he achieved much not in politics but in affluence- a luxurious car, a Rs 75 Lakhs house in Agartala having all amenities needed for a posh society and an extravagance display of marriage. Thats a drastic change from his ordinary family roots in Udaipur. Even his colleagues in youth congress were spell bound but couldn't do anything as he enjoys the blessings of current leadership of Congress.

    So many corruptions are in the headlines in Tripura be in RMSA, MGNREGA and even in Agriculture. But why has the Congress not made any PIL in the High Court demanding CBI probe in these scams till now ? It is fact that TPCC delegation met the Chief Secretary and DGP couple of times on these issues but who is not aware that posts like Chief Secretary and DGP belong to those senior officials, who are the most trusted persons in the administration and ruling party ? All know that the maximum amount involved in the scams that are now in limelights have gone to the Melarmath and may due to the 'behind the curtains' deal with Melarmath, leaders , most of the Post Office Chowmahani too are silent. But the very truth is that if the present trend continues, Congress will again face defeat and a downfall  in next Assembly election. Unless the Congress Leaders, who are honest and have good image are not given the charge, Congress will never bounce back in Tripura.

So the question remains “ Why Congress doesn’t want to become an effective opposition in Tripura ? ”

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