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JUMLA Govt’s FAKE promises ahead of LS Election : Biplab Deb kicks off District-wise 'Janata Durbar', FAKE promises failed to fool 'Janata’ anymore
TIWN Oct 3, 2018
JUMLA Govt’s FAKE promises ahead of  LS Election : Biplab Deb kicks off District-wise 'Janata Durbar', FAKE promises  failed to fool 'Janata’ anymore
PHOTO : Chief Minister Biplab Deb kicks off Janata Durbar at Ambassa (Dhalai Dist). TIWN Pic Oct 3

AMBASSA (Dhalai Dist), Oct 3 (TIWN): JUMLA Era’s 7 months only witnessed FAKE promises, mass deprivation & Cheating lakhs of Govt employees to Unemployed youths. Even after forciblly occupying of 96% Panchayat seats, CPI-M has already won 4 seats till 1 pm in the Panchayat poll, without any poll campaigning, signaling BJP's bastion after 7 months of JUMLA-era has started sinking. When Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Deb's many promises have resulted as utter lies including his promise to the 1451 police job aspirants, CM once again has kicked off his paid media strong publicity with much hyped 'Janata Durbar'. Carrying huge numbers of high Govt officials the Chief Minister has launched Janata Durbar on Wednesday at Ambassa, Dhalai District. Earlier, CM told media by beating propaganda-drums of 3 times Janata Durbar will be held in a week, whereas it was merged into 1 time later as the Janata Durbar 3 times turned a burden for him. Now, with the general election coming closer, CM has started District-wise Janata Durbar, a Durbar of indeed "Mass Fooling", when Vision Document left untouched.

It can be noted here, when Chief Minister Biplab Deb at the beginning of Janata Durbar had promised three times to 1451 police job aspirants that Govt will recruit them soon, but those promises later emerged as ‘empty promises’ with Govt had not taken any initiative to recruit them, rather Law Minister Ratan Lal Nath on August 3 announced that all existing recruitment process under the previous Govt, have been cancelled by the new Govt.

In last 7 months 66 times petrol price was hiked, whereas 62 times diesel price was increased and now petrol price is close to Rs. 82 per litre. On the other side, the State Govt employees are far from getting 7th Pay Commission, whereas July month's DA is yet pending. Whether Govt will give the DA to employees or not, nothing has been said in this regard. 

Over 800 contractual employees were terminated including poor mid-day-meal workers. There is a massive slash in MGNREGA works and rural areas are suffering due to no workless conditions, whereas even though under Manik Sarkar's regime even though two types of govts were ruling in centre and state but still Govt managed a minimum fund to uphold the rural economy.

In last 6 months not even properly 15 days of works have been given to the BPL families leading starvation in interior areas, whereas before the Election BJP promised to increase minimum wage at Rs. 340, Social Pension 2000, Regularization of all Govt employees, Smart Phone for youths, 7th Pay Commission and many more promises, now resulting in Jumla. 


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