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Tripura Panchayat By-Election : Murder of Democracy under BJP era
TIWN Sep 30, 2018
Tripura Panchayat By-Election : Murder of Democracy under BJP era
PHOTO : Panchayat Election begins in Tripura. TIWN Pic Sep 30

AGARTALA, Sep 30 (TIWN): Tripura Panchayat Bi-Election has been started since 7 am on Sunday morning, but as 96% seats were forcefully grabbed by BJP by beating the opposition with physical attacks and threats, poll rigging, it has left heavy impacts in the minds of voters who could not vote in this election.

Even though to the State Election Commission, it was urged by opposition parties to reschedule the nomination submission, but the request couldn't be proceeded due to pressure given by the ruling govt.

 Polling has been started in various poll centres since the morning 7 am and people of those 4% areas are casting their votes in ballot papers. Till now no untoward incident has been informed.

Even though total numbers of vacant seats were 3207 but only for 132 seats voting is going on. Rest seats have won by BJP without any contest.

In the same way in Panchayat Samiti out of 161 seats only for 7 seats elections are going on. For Jila Parishad there will be no election as BJP grabbed all 18 the seats forcefully. 

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