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'Break Pakistan into four Parts', JUMLA demand by Swami
TIWN Sep 30, 2018
'Break Pakistan into four Parts', JUMLA demand by Swami
PHOTO : BJP MP Subramanian Swamy addressing media. TIWN Pic Sep 30

AGARTALA, Sep 30 (TIWN): Instead focusing on issue based talks BJP MP Subramanian Swamy ending his two days long visit in Tripura while interacting with media, stressed upon India-Pakistan relation and requested Modi Govt to take initiative to break Pakistan in "four parts".

He added that splitting Pakistan is the only "permanent solution" and remedy in dealing with the "envious and vengeful" country.

“I personally feel that India should break Pakistan into four. Balochis, Sindhis, and the Pashtuns don't want to be part of Pakistan then why should we not assist them to form their own country and turn Pakistan into a small speck on the global map?  Serious homework for the war should begin right now”, added Swami.

Swami's such comments came in media controversy earlier also, which gained huge attention as claimed a part of so called Indian "Patriotism".

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