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TIWN’s crusade against Criminals : TIWN Editor files FIR, Rs 1 Crore Criminal Defamation Case under process, CJM Court orders Police Investigation under various IPC sections against Criminal Ranjan Roy, Arrest imminent
TIWN Sep 30,2018
TIWN’s crusade against Criminals : TIWN Editor files FIR, Rs 1 Crore Criminal Defamation Case under process, CJM Court orders Police Investigation under various IPC sections against Criminal Ranjan Roy, Arrest imminent
PHOTO : Criminals in Media : Triple murderer Sushil Chowdhury, Thief & Mafia Ranjan Roy, below FIR number

AGARTALA, Sep 30 (TIWN): In a continued effort to fight against criminals in Tripura’s media, USA based NRI & TIWN Editor Soumen Sarkar filed FIR No. West PS 228/2018 via Chief Judicial Magistrate’s Court against Criminal Ranjan Roy on various IPC(Indian Penal Code) Sections 506, 387 which may result criminal prosecution & Jail term ranging from 2 to 10 yrs on various charges. In addition to Criminal prosecution, also a separate case of Rs 1 crores criminal defamation being processed in Court. TIWN Editor provided proofs of money theft, criminal activities to Law Enforcement, Ranjan Roy was charged for money theft, Rs 5 lakhs extortion threat, publishing malicious materials in various media outlets with the sole intention to extort money, murder threats. Criminal Ranjan Roy is a close associate of Triple Murderer Dainik Ganadoot Editor Sushil Chowdhury, also accused of associated with Triple Murder. Apart from major crimes, various media houses in Tripura accused Ranjan Roy for various theft over a decade.

Upon receipt of CJM Court order on Saturday by Police, Ranjan Roy likely to be arrested & interrogated within 48 hrs.

TIWN Editor, also an NRI's complaint is informed to Union Ministry of Overseas Affairs, Union Home Ministry, Chief Secretary & DGP Tripura.

Criminal Prosecution Cases against Ranjan Roy are being headed by Eminent Lawyer Raghunath Mukherjee.  

NRI & TIWN Editor Soumen Sarkar informed that cases against Ranjan Roy will be prosecuted to fullest extent, from lower courts to High Court, even Supreme Court for maximum punishment.

Ranjan Roy's various crimes are being reported by various media owners and erstwhile Newspaper Dainik Aarohan Owner Manas Debnath accused Ranjan Roy for stealing Rs 45,000/-, a Sony Handycam while Ranjan was working Dainik Aarohan.

Ranjan Roy's involvement in brutal Dainik Ganadoot Patrika Triple murder case alongwith Sushil Chowdury still under the cloud as criminal Ranjan Roy continued crimes under the disguise of Photo Journalist.

In 19th May,2013, at Palace Compound office, Dainik Ganadoot Patrika driver Balaram Ghosh, proof reader Sujit Choudhury, and manager Ranjit Choudhury were murdered in broad daylight at 3 PM inside the newspaper office. On 14 July, 2014, the lower court found him to be involved in this murder and named him the prime accused. On 17 July, 2014 the court sentenced him to life term imprisonment in this murder case. But the High court reversed the order and acquitted him and found many loopholes in the prosecution act, but what remains behind is the unsolved mystery of the murder case. Tripura State Govt pursuing the case in Supreme Court for re-investigation.

Even current Press Club President cum Tripura's eminent Journalist, Syndan Editor Subal Dey earlier expressed anguish privately over Ranjan Roy's camera thefts and  such a criminal's entry into Press Club via backdoor as a member. Subal Dey and other senior Journalists were against Ranjan's entry into Agartala Press Club but due to few tainted members, Ranjan got entry into Press Club.

From various sources its reported that a section of Press Club headed by Pranab Sarkar, Biswendu Bhattacharjee solely resposible for Criminal Ranjan Roy's entry into Agartala Press Club. In Press Club's history, such a criminal's entry only maligned the Press Club's public image and credibility.

TIWN Editor's crusade against criminals like Ranjan Roy to continue vigoriously and TIWN exprssing thanks to Tripura Police, SP West, West PS OC Subtrata Chakraborty.

TIWN requesting Agartala Press Club to expel such a criminal from Press Club membership immediately to uphold Press Club's dignity. 

------------------TIWN Editor's complaint to Police with Proofs-----------------------------------------------------------------------------

To                                                                        FIR from NRI                                      Date: Sep 27,2018

The Officer-in-Charge

West Agartala P.S., Tripura

Subject : Life threat, Extortion, Criminal Defamation complaint against Tripura resident Ranjan Roy


I am an USA based NRI, also Editor of Tripurainfoway.Com , a Non-Profit media website. Also in past, I have trained Tripura Police in Cyber Crime and helped in various Cyber Security Initiatives during the stint of Tripura Police DGP Mr. C. Subramanyam.

Please accept this letter as a complaint and FIR against Ranjan Roy, a photographer allegedly associated with Triple Murder convicted Sushil Chowdhury’s Ganadoot Patrika for Life threat, Extortion, Criminal Defamation, Money theft.

Ranjan Roy was working part-time as Photographer for in past and was terminated due to Ranjan’s various illegal activities, association with Triple Murder convicted Sushil Chowdhury,  also failure to pay borrowed Rs 20,000/- personal loan money taken from me (receipt below) on 15/10/2014 to help his house construction.

On Sep 20,2018 at Agartala, I met Ranjan Roy at Jaggannath Bari adjacent to Chandramahal, Agartala in afternoon. When I asked him about past loan Rs 20,000/- he has taken but never returned,  than he suddenly became very furious and started to abuse me with filthy languages and also threatened me with dire consequences. Ranjan also demanded 5 lakhs rupees from me, also saying that he is now Press Club member and he knows all Ministers. He also threatened me by saying that if I do not pay 5 lakhs to him then he would kill me and also he would publish defamatory news in various news paper against me. And thereafter he suddenly left that place. Since I was in a a hurry after this threat, I could not report this matter to your police station physically. Then I left Agartala.

When I called Ranjan Roy to return the loan amount Rs 20,000/-, Ranjan Roy threatened me that he will publish malicious (FAKE) news against me in Dainik Ganadoot Patrika, he will defame me in Social Media and will murder me if he sees me in Agartala. Accordingly he masterminded malicious news items published in Dainik Ganadoot Patrika on Sep 20,21,22 in Dainik Ganadoot Patrika and started threatening posts in his Facebook Account (snapshots attached).

To defame me and to avoid payment of Rs 20,000/- Ranjan Roy influenced Sushil Chowdhury, Dainik Ganadoot Patrika to publish multiple defamatory, fake news (attached below) against me so that I can be silenced. After getting fake news published against me, Ranjan Roy used his Facebook social media to threaten me via such type of defamatory languages “Tare Lengta Karoom, Dekhna” (screenshot attached)– which is a direct threat to my life.

After that Ranjan Roy filed FAKE complaints against me that, I threatened him to chop off his hands and murder him – which are totally baseless, false, fabricated and I request Police to take action against him for filing FAKE complaints.

Ranjan Roy’s all allegations against me  are baseless and fabricated complaint, I challenge Ranjan roy to prove it otherwise I request Police authorities to take action for filing FAKE, False complaint with the sole aim to defame me & tripurainfoway in order to hide his criminal activities.


Soumen Sarkar, Editor, Email:

CC via Email :

  1. Hon. Minister in-charge of NRIs, Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs
  2. Hon. Union Secretary, Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs
  3. Hon. Union Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs
  4. Press Council of India
  5. Hon. Tripura MP Jiten Chaudhury
  6. Chief Secretary, Govt of Tripura
  7. Director General of Police, Govt of Tripura
  8. Superintendent of Police, Govt of Tripura
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