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'Tripura to be Model State within next Two and half years' : Biplab Deb continues JUMLA dreams after FAKE promise of 7 Lakhs employment within first 30 months, Tripura Public lost trust on Motormouth's FAKE stories
TIWN Sep 29, 2018
'Tripura to be Model State within next Two and half years' : Biplab Deb continues JUMLA dreams after FAKE promise of 7 Lakhs employment within first 30 months, Tripura Public lost trust on Motormouth's FAKE stories
PHOTO : Background Pics : File Photos of 1) SSA protest, 2) JICA terminated employees protest, 3) Police Job aspirants protests, 4) Job fair conducted by Chief Minister resulted in disaster. Photo inset : CM Biplab Deb addressing at Albert Ekka park. TIWN Pic Sep

AGARTALA, Sep 29 (TIWN): Biplab Deb's JUMLA training by Gurus Modi, Amit Shah, Himanta Biswa, Sunil Deodhar failed to realize that Tripura public cannot be fooled again and again by FAKE promises. Four days after Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Deb said at Secretariat that he will not fight the next election if Vision Document (also called FAKE promises publicly) is not fulfilled, on Saturday while addressing at Albert Ekka Park during celebration of Surgical Strike Day he said, Tripura to be a model state in next two and half years even though after 6 months of his promise of 7 lakhs jobs within first 6 months is still remains a daydream. "I will make Tripura a model state in next 3 years and out of them 6 month is already gone and in next 2 and half years it will be done. Govt is working in that direction", CM said. On the contrary it can be noted that Chief Minister recently has announced that he doesn't have much funds for roadway project and survey says various depts are left in same situation including social pensions are also stopped. CM also claimed that Prime Minister Narendra Modi's brother rides auto till day and another brother runs a glossary shop, requesting Tripura people to pray for Modi's long lives everyday.

Amid zero progress on Vision Document CM claimed in next 2 and half years Tripura to be the 'model state'      TIWN Youtube Video

6 months 20 days have been completed that BJP came in power, but when state was waiting for 7th Pay Commission, increase in wages, regularization, employment BJP Govt started its Jumla-sterns by stopping job recruitment followed by cancellations of ongoing all recruitment and removal of Pension-facility for new Govt employees.In last 6 months 46 times petrol price was hiked, whereas 52 times diesel price was increased and now petrol price is crossed Rs. 80 per litre. On the other side, the State Govt employees are far from getting 7th Pay Commission, whereas July month's DA is yet pending. Whether Govt will give the DA to employees or not, nothing has been said in this regard. 

Over 800 contractual employees were terminated including poor mid-day-meal workers. There is a massive slash in MGNREGA works and rural areas are suffering due to no workless conditions, whereas even though under Manik Sarkar's regime even though two types of govts were ruling in centre and state but still Govt managed a minimum fund to uphold the rural economy.

In last 6 months not even properly 15 days of works have been given to the BPL families leading starvation in interior areas, whereas before the Election BJP promised to increase minimum wage at Rs. 340, Social Pension 2000, Regularization of all Govt employees, Smart Phone for youths, 7th Pay Commission and many more promises, now resulting in Jumla. 

BJP's 10 JUMLA promises just 1 week before Assembly Poll is main reason behind Saffron Party's win in Tripura.

BJP’s vision document filled with gigantic promises released exactly 1 week before Feb 18, 2018 Assembly Election was instrumental for BJP’s landslide win but now after 5 months in Government its evident that it was a big cheating to Tripura voters as none of the promises can be fulfilled in near future due to lack of fundings. Before Assembly Election,

Ram Madhav, Biplab Deb, Himanta Biswa Sarma, Arun Jaitley loudly boasted bagfull of promises but no Central fundings yet to back up those promises. TIWN's public survey on BJP's vision document resulted unexpected outcomes as most of the Tripura's working class and unemployed population unable to believe BJP's tall promises.

People questioned BJP's incompetence in Assam and Manipur, also other States where most of the pre-poll promises remained unfulfilled after Poll victory.

Narendra Modi Govt's failure to provide jobs in each household in neighboring Assam or providing smart phones to all youths only mimics Arun Jaitley's false promises in Tripura. As per noted Economists, its impossible to provide jobs to each household or provide a smartphone to each 7 lakhs unemployed youths.

Apart from 10 FAKE promises by Arun Jaitley, Himanta Biswa, Ashok Sinha to fool voters before 1 week of Assembly Election, also Biplab Deb on March 23 after winning election told Time of India's Journalist Mohua Chatterjee on a interview in Delhi that BJP Govt will create 7 lakhs Jobs within first 30 months of Government. Chief Minister's tall promise was published in national media, but 5 months almost over, no sign of any activity towards 7 lakhs Job creation, so one can imagine the fate in remaining 25 months.

After nearly 5 months in Government, Biplab Deb led BJP Govt yet to show any sign of Central funding to support FREE SMARTPHONE for EACH YOUTH or EMPLOYMENT for EACH HOUSEHOLD or 7 Lakhs Job creation.

BJP's Vision Document promises before 2018 Assembly Election :

1. Employment opportunity for every household,

2. Free Education for women till graduation,

3. 7th Pay Commission to the all Govt employees of the State Govt,

4. Free Smart Phones to Youths,

5. Minimum allowance of Rs. 2000 and a minimum wage of Rs. 340,

6. Investigate Rose Valley Chit Fund scams and punish all the guilty,

7. Provide house to all without brick housing,

8. Free Health Insurance to all BJP households,

9. Provide drinking water to all households,

10. Regularize contractual Govt employees.


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