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MP Jiten raises 15 demands for Tripura Railway
TIWN Sep 28, 2018
MP Jiten raises 15 demands for Tripura Railway
PHOTO : MP Jitendra Choudhury attended a meeting conducted at Guwahati on the ongoing railway projects. TIWN Pic Sep 28

AGARTALA, Sep 28 (TIWN): A high level meeting was conducted on the ongoing, pending Railway projects in Northeast at Maligaon of Guwahati. Certain issues were raised by Tripura MP Jitendra Chaudhury before the NFR during the meeting.

The issues and demands placed in the meeting by MP Jitendra Chaudhury are :

1.To expedite the completion of Udaipur-Sabroom Project (from Garjee to Sabroom).
2. To construct approach road, both rear and front, to facilitate the Thailik-Twisa(Kalacherra) Station in Sabroom, South Tripura. And to add their facilities as per the original proposal.
3. To name the Jolaibari Station as “Pilak Station” considering its historical background and future touristic point of view. The existing name of the location is also Pilak.
4. To sanction a new station near Bagma/Dhwaja Nagar, Udaipur, other side of river Gomati, in between Agartala-Matabari section. As District Hospital, Industrial Estate, Degree College, Panchayat Training Institute, Police Line, BSF Battalion Head Quarter and many other institutions are located in this area.
On international section :
5. To initiate dialogue with Bangladesh Government to connect Rail Link between Sabroom and Chittagong Port.
6. To expedite the revival project of Branch Line between Belonia Station(India) and Feni Station(Bangladesh). To expedite the completion of Agartala-Akhaura Project within the stipulated date.
7. To expedite the completion of Agartala-Akhaura Project at the both sections, India and Bangladesh.
Augmenting/improving passenger amenities and other facilities on the ground and running trains :
8. To sanction one stoppage of Rajdhani Express at Ambassa, Head Quarter of Dhalai District. And Rajdhani Express to originate from New Delhi(NDLS) Station instead of Anand Vihar. To introduce one pair of weekly Train between Agartala and Chennai via Sealdah, Kolkata.
10. To improve the passenger amenities in all Local and Passenger Trains now operating between Agartala-Dharmanagar, Agartala-Silchar and Agartala -Kolkata Routes. Ensuring the cleaning of the toilets on hourly basis and replacing of all dilapidated coaches by new ones.
11. To open another ticket counter at Ambassa Station in order to smoothly catering the rush of passengers. Space is already available there.
12. An Under Pass may be constructed at Lomba Bill, Logtharai Valley(near Manu Station, in between Ambassa-Kumarghat section) to facilitate the habitations situated to the other side of Manu Station.
On other important issues :
13. To set up a Railway Division in Tripura, considering its geographical position and forthcoming international links.
14. To set up a Railway Recruitment Centre at Agartala.
15. To expedite the survey work for new route between Dharmanagar to Agartala via Kailashahar, Kamalpur and Khowai.

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