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‘Murdering Democracy’ in JUMLA style: No Re-Scheduling of Panchayat Poll, BJP grabbed Panchayat seats without contest : State Election Commission mute spectator
TIWN Sep 28, 2018
‘Murdering Democracy’ in JUMLA style: No Re-Scheduling of Panchayat Poll, BJP grabbed Panchayat seats without contest : State Election Commission mute spectator
PHOTO : Poll violence glimpses of BJP in Dukli block. TIWN File Photos.

AGARTALA, Sep 28 (TIWN): Tripura witnessing JUMLA Era’s shameless politics of grabbing seats in ‘No Contest’ Election by terrorizing Opposition Parties so that no one can file even nominations. G.K.Rao led State Election Commission’s lameduck role of mute spectator only points to secret understanding for another post retirement plum posting in Tripura or Delhi.Tripura earlier was known for 90% voting rate but now being introduced nationally with pre-poll vote rigging, murdering of democracy, snatching of voting rights of public and candidates' rights of submission of nominations ! Promising to gift Tripura with HIRA, BJP has been continuing its autocracy on the 6th month of Govt formation and TIWN is proud to expose BJP's poll rigging in the ongoing Panchayat Election behind fake "Ram Bhakti" drama of the party. It's 100% fact and TIWN has exposed totally how BJP had grabbed maximum Panchayat seats by open rigging after it forced the candidates to resign.

BJP also opened the hands of its activists to beat the oppositions, stone pelting on them if try to submit nominations which was instructed by Yuva Morcha leaders in place to place before one month of the election. 

This is not only the Central Policy of BJP to win elections, but to get activists in rallies Tripura's young generation have been moved in wrong direction by BJP asking them to continue unruliness.

However, with such policies BJP has resulted in blunder for the party as Tripura people are practiced to 'democracy' and 'peace' and like UP, Gujarat style a party can not hold the public trust and same happened with BJP. Survey says, Tripura BJP has lost its support base due to its Vision Documents promises which it could not fulfill at even 1 %.

There are many promises in the Vision Document whereas in the first page 10 points of promises were highlighted as : 1)One employment opportunity in each household, 2)Free Education for Women Till graduation, 3) 7th Pay Commission for all Govt employees & state pensioners, 4) Free smart phones to youths, 5) Minimum allowance will be Rs. 2000 & Minimum wage will be Rs. 340, 6)Investigate Rose Valley Chit fund case & punish all the guilty, 7) Provide Housing to all without brick housing, 8) Free Health insurance to all BPL Households, 9) Provide drinking water to all households, 10) Regularize contractual govt employees. But now after 202 days of the Govt formation, unemployment has increased 9%, recruitments are being stopped including TPSC, MGNREGA works are down and zero progress with Vision Document added by Poll-violence, lawlessness, deteriorating law and order condition.

As BJP already lost public support and faith bases in 6 months of misruling, expose of fake pre-poll promises and corruptions. Even in BDO office BJP didn't allow any other party to hold meeting.

It can be remembered that on July 20, BJP leader Joylal Das in a conference of Yuva Morcha at Sabroom subdivision in South Tripura openly asked party supporters to break opposition CPI-M supporters hands and legs and not to allow them in voting or submitting nominations during Panchayat Election.

Also BJP National General Secretary, State BJP incharge Sunil Deodhar On June 26 said, “BJP will not allow CPI-M to win even a single panchayat seat in coming days”.

Out of 35 blocks, in total 24 blocks opposition couldn't submit nominations. At Bamutia Block, which is located at town area, the rigging's level was observed when BJP activists gheraoed Congress President Birjit Sinha's vehicle and started stone-pelting.

After beating IPFT activists on Sep 11 during nomination submissions, BJP forced IPFT leaders to sit in a joint press conference and to announce there is no clash existing between IPFT, BJP.

One day, before the press meet,  IPFT leader Mangal Debbarma said, "Due to the ongoing exercise of poll-violence, our most of candidates couldn't submit nominations. Boxonagar, Dura Chowmuhani, Jubarajnagar in all areas massive violence was sponsored. Police's failure to control the situation and safeguard the IPFT activists was another major reason behind it".

However, later BJP covinced IPFT to sit in a joint press meet to declare all are okay between BJP, IPFT. 


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