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BJP sheds crocodile tears over BJP, IPFT clash, IPFT silent
TIWN Sep 16, 2018
BJP sheds crocodile tears over BJP, IPFT clash, IPFT silent
PHOTO : BJP, IPFT held joint press meet. TIWN Pic Sep 15

AGARTALA, Sep 16 (TIWN): BJP-IPFT’s clash have turned the alliance farcical before Tripura voters. However, the whole issue was created by BJP’s organized cheating, FAKE promises, violence and people have seen how BJP were rigging non-BJP parties, but when IPFT decided to break the alliance, then BJP called IPFT for meeting and for long two days the meeting was going on and almost against IPFT's wish the alliance rejoined.

In a press conference held by IPFT and BJP jointly at Deputy CM Jishnu Debbarma's residence after a meeting, Jishnu Debbarma said that there is no clash between BJP and IPFT but it was CPI-M which turned overnight BJP and IPFT to break the alliance between these two parties.  Jishnu Debbarma also said, IPFT, BJP will jointly campaign for Panchayat election.

Tripura’s Health Sudip Barman has expressed sorrow over the ongoing clash among BJP, IPFT.The Minister further said, parties will make sure such things should not happen in future.

Deputy CM Jishnu Debbarma has called all activists, leaders of BJP, IPFT to maintain the peace and to follow ‘Jot Dharma’.

Recently IPFT conducted a press conference and leader Managal Debbarma in that meeting said that BJP will go in its own path and IPFT will go in its own path. However, today in press conference Mangal Debbarma also sealed the alliance. BJP Minister Sudip Barman, IPFT Minister Mebar Jamatia, BJP leader Pratima Bhowmik, IPFT leader Ananta Debbarma, Mangal Debbarma were present in the press meet. 

On Sep 6, BJP Minister Ratan Lal Nath said there will be no alliance between IPFT, BJP in this upcoming Panchayat poll.

On Sep 11, BJP had beaten IPFT and all opposition parties who went to submit nominations. 

IPFT President NC Debbarma's Statement on Sep 12 : "Right now Tripura is undergoing by-election procedures. On yesterday, it was the last date of submitting nominations. Naturally maximum candidates from various parties attempted to submit nominations".Being asked by media, NC Debbarma said, "It's fully clear and also proven which party is sponsoring the violence across state. There is nothing to hide, but this ongoing situation is not acceptable according to democracy". 

However, IPFT leaders stayed muted maximum and the press conference was led by BJP mostly.


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