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Opposition Parties mock CM for JUMLA over 7th Pay Commission, FAKE promises, Biplab claimed ‘if Vision Document is not fulfilled then he will not stand in any election’
TIWN Sep 6, 2018
Opposition Parties mock CM for JUMLA over 7th Pay Commission, FAKE promises, Biplab claimed ‘if Vision Document is not fulfilled then he will not stand in any election’
PHOTO : TIWN File Photo of BJP National President Amit Shah's visit in Tripura.

AGARTALA, Sep 6 (TIWN): Tripura’s motormouth CM failed to publish even much hyped 100 Days report card as State Govt failed to initiate a single promise made in public-fooling Vision document. Congress mocked the 6 months old BJP Govt after Chief Minister Biplab Deb recently said, ‘if Vision Document is not fulfilled' then he will not 'stand in any election’. Hitting Chief Minister’s statement, Congress leader Gopal Roy said, “Within 6 months how the CM can expressed his frustration over failure ? Basically Biplab Deb is a resident of Delhi and thus he will leave Tripura, but in the mean time Tripura will be destroyed”.“Before the Election, not only all top BJP leaders, including Sarbakali, Mahakali (Indian mythological figures described as Gods and Goddesses) had promised that 7th Pay Commission will be given but CM shockingly said in a programme that as soon as Tripura’s income will be increased, 7th Pay Commission will be given", said Gopal Roy.

"What is the relation between Tripura’s income and 7th Pay Commission, when poverty gripped Tripura is maximum funded by Centre? Nobody through that oneday Biplab Deb will say like this”, Gopal Roy told media.

Roy further criticized BJP for keeping other  unfulfilled promises including social pensions.

Before Gopal Roy, on Sep 3rd Tripura Congress spokesperson Harekrishna Bhowmik in a press conference at Congress Bhawan said, “It’s not only 15 days or 1 month old Govt but 6 months have been passed. It’s really strange report that a section of Govt employees have not yet received their salaries of last month. It’s not good as across the country Govt employees get salaries through bank accounts regularly. Talks are on air that Govt ordered hold due payments to the employees and also not to give the pending bills of the contractors and at the same time GPF withdrawals are also temporarily suspended”.

“How Govt will solve its economic problem it’s up to the Govt, but Congress is requesting the State Govt to clarify the issues (whether it’s true or rumour)”, Bhowmik added.

“We all have seen recently in media how the leaders (BJP) promised on 7th Pay Commission before the election, but after the Election just they announced Pay Commission, whereas 6 months gone without any development for the Govt employees pay-hikes”, said Harekrishna Bhowmik.

The Congress also hit the BJP Govt on the job recruitments delays saying both Govt employees and unemployed youths voted BJP to power.

It can be noted here BJP National President Amit Shah clearly said with his tall voice, “On March 3rd BJP will come in power and on March 4th, Tripura’s Govt employees and pensioners will get 7th Pay Commission. We want to change, we want to work for the people. Give your vote for lotus on February 18, BJP will win on March 3rd and employees will get 7th Pay Commission of March 4.

Such promises was given by each and every BJP leaders inside and outside the state that in the first cabinet meeting 7th pay commission will be given, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, but after 6th months of Govt Verma committee has failed to submit reports on 7th Pay Commission.

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