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SFI-NSUI faceoff: Inaction of Police fuelled chaos : Clashes between SFI and NSUI turned MBB college area into battlefield: 8 injured
SFI-NSUI faceoff: Inaction of Police fuelled chaos : Clashes between SFI and NSUI turned MBB college area into battlefield: 8 injured
PHOTO : SFI, NSUI clash at Math Chowmuhani. TIWN Pic Sept 16

AGARTALA, September 16 (TIWN):Clashes between NSUI and SFI turned the MBB college area into battlefield, today. Three SFI supporters and 5 NSUI supporters got injured. Police and TSR rushed to the spot. The area remains tensed. NSUI and TMCP blockade the road in protest of this incident at Math Choumuhoni.When SFI candidates were heading towards for scrutiny of nomination, NSUI activists were there to obstruct them. In such a situation the Police did not initiate any action to mitigate or control the likely clash.Meanwhile, some of the local shopkeepers and residents complained to TIWN reporters that every year the clash between two students group destroy their properties and stands as threat to their live and homes. “We don’t belong to any community or group, we are the common people”, shouted one trader.

SFI State President Nabarun Deb while talking to TIWN informed that on Tuesday afternoon some NSUI supporters intentionally burst out fire in the 2nd floor of MBB College. The incident is reported to be preplanned. The fire broke out near the staff room. Thereafter, SFI supporters rushed there to quench the fire. The NSUI supporters taking advantage of that attacked some SFI supporters who were fixing flex on account of the upcoming students council election. In the attack 3 supporters of SFI got seriously injured and were taken to IGM hospital. : “We will move to East Agartala P.S for FIR” he further added.

On the other hand NSUI State President Bapi Das claimed that while their supporters went for the scrutiny of nomination papers, the SFI supporters suddenly involved in clash with them. Attack and Counter attack made five NSUI supporters severely injured. While resorting to protest, they blockaded the Math Choumuhoni Road. “NSUI will also lodge FIR in the East Agartala P.S.”, informed NSUI state President Bapi Das, while talking to TIWN. Though number of Police personnel, TSR were present on the ground zero with DSP Central and other senior police officials but the Police were seen helpless as one of the locals were telling that the attacking mob including the students from both the group were running behind the Police personnel.

However, Maharajganja Fire service and East and West Agartala PS rushed to the spot and succeeded to put down the fire. It is to be mentioned here that every year this kind of incident occurs on the eve of College election. This year the scheduled date of election is September 20. The nomination was already filed and the campaign is going on.

 Both the SFI and NSUI activists attacked number of grocery shops and they even broke the hoarding of a spectacles store. “No arrest or detention so far has been made”, informed DSP (Central) Rajendra Dutta to TIWN reporter.


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