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Auto fares hiked by 100 per cent: Govt indifferent to HC directions
Auto fares hiked by 100 per cent: Govt indifferent to HC directions

AGARTALA, September 15 (TIWN): Though the issue of boarding passengers has been fixed but now the auto drivers has resorted to tyranny by charging fares according to their convenience. Within a span of couple of months the auto drivers have hiked the fares by 100% where the reason for this atrocity, as cited by the drivers, is as the number of passengers have been reduced, the fare would be doubled. Neither the government nor any other concerned authority has made any increase in the fare. Still, the passengers are being charged more than the existing rates. This practice of taking excess fares has been going on since last June 30, complaining the passengers travelling from and to different routes in the city Agartala.

In a recent judgment delivered by the High Court (HC) of Tripura, the auto rickshaws were directed to take only 3 passengers at a time. Though the order of the HC is being followed now, on the streets of Agartala but along with that the fare has also been doubled. As an instance, the auto fare from Nagerjola to Tripura University is Rs. 20 at present where 2 to 4 months earlier the same was  Rs. 10 or Rs. 13. Furthermore, the HC also directed the state government to install meters in the auto rickshaws apart from running Town Buses from morning 6 to 10 pm covering all the routes within the capital city. Nevertheless, the state government has shown no positive response to the instructions of the HC, till today.

To add insult to injuries since last September 1 the self imposed law makers alias auto drivers have further  enhanced the auto fares though an unauthorized hike was already in force since last June 1. The city bus service under the union government project, is operative in the interiors and remote places instead of main city and city outskirts. However a committee has been formed by the concerned ministry, which through news paper advertisements, has sought the opinions and inputs from the people and organizations concerned on the issue of legitimate fares.  Police, Traffic and Transport department all are acting as silent spectators, in this regard. Nowhere in India such sort of irregularity regarding auto fare prevails.     

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