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‘Rule of law has been replaced by rule of Jungle’, says Gautam Das
TIWN June 28, 2018
‘Rule of law has been replaced by rule of Jungle’, says Gautam Das
PHOTO : CPI-M spokesperson Gautam Das addressing media at Melarmath. TIWN Pic June 28

AGARTALA, June 28 (TIWN): Tripura CPI-M spokesperson Gautam Das following Sedhai murder of today and 9 violence across state on yesterday said, “Rule of law has been replaced by rule of Jungle under BJP Govt”.

“It’s not new, but since the BJP was in power there were reports of attacks upon women and oppositions. Govt’s blind eyes has today developed such a lawless situation in the state”, said Gautam Das.

Addressing in a press conference, CPI-M spokesperson Gautam Das said, “It’s quite unfortunate that from TSR camp where the attacked people took shelter mob entered there and killed, injured them”.

CPI-M further demanded legal action against Law Minister Ratan Lal Nath for his irresponsible statement related to “Kidney Smuggling” made after 10 years boy Purna Biswas’s murder.

The CPI-M spokesperson also demanded, either Ratan Lal Nath should be removed form his Ministry or he must himself resign now after killing so many.

“Since Ratan Lal Nath’s statement that smugglers took away the kidney of that 10 years boy Purna Biswas the violence has been triggered more. Only and only Ratan Lal Nath is responsible for those murders”, Gautam Das told media at Melarmath party office.

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