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CPI-M Ex-Finance Minister Bhanu Lal Saha hoping 'only' 7th Pay Commission from BJP Govt’s budget 2018-19
TIWN June 23, 2018
CPI-M Ex-Finance Minister Bhanu Lal Saha hoping 'only' 7th Pay Commission from BJP Govt’s budget 2018-19

AGARTALA, June 23 (TIWN): CPI-M Ex-Finance Minsiter Bhanu Lal Saha is hoping 7th Pay Commission from BJP Govt’s budget 2018-19. Talking to TIWN on Saturday, Bhanu Lal Saha said, “Out of 10 Big Promises, only 7th Pay Commission can be partially possible through Budget 2018-19. But what the employees, pensioners will get from 7th Pay Commission it's to be seen and how far govt employees will be benefited out of that it also will be examined later”. “BJP before coming in power made various promises. But the budget is totally against the interest of common people. In case of 7th Pay commission also, it has doubt how far benefits can be implemented in reality”, Saha said. Bhanu Lal Saha also opposed the proposed new pension law from the next month which has been proposed by Finance Minister Jishnu Debbarma.“The budget except few positive sides as Rs. 2 kilo's rice for poor there are nothing much in the interest of people. Rather by hiking petrol, diesel prices it will also increase the pressure upon the common people as fuel hike will mount the other commodity prices too”, he said.

“BJP Vision Document had laid many promises. But there is nothing in the budget. However, for social pension there was mention about Rs. 300 crores in the budget which is good but they can not give Rs. 2000 per person with that limited budget”, Saha told TIWN.

“Ideologically we oppose BJP’s corporate styled budget which will hit the tax-payers”, Saha added.

Earlier, in separate interviews Tripura CPI-M Ex-Minister Badal Choudhury who served as the Finance Minister for long said, “BJP even can’t give 7th pay commission with its deficit free budget. The budget and the Vision Document is opposite to each other”.

On the other side Congress leader Gopal Roy has called the budget as “Jumla”, whereas Birjit Sinha said, “Increasing tax on fuel, cooking gas was equal to cutting off one’s head”.

Today, MP Jitendra Choudhury said, “The budget has both positive and negative sides. The positive decisions as hiking SC, ST stipends are welcomed whereas hike on fuel should not be”.

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