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Congress launches AKROSH rally in Tripura to protest against party offices bulldozing by BJP Govt : All arrested
TIWN May 17, 2018
Congress launches AKROSH rally in Tripura to protest against party offices bulldozing by BJP Govt : All arrested
PHOTO : Congress held Akrosh Rally. TIWN Pic May 17

AGARTALA, May 17 (TIWN): Tripura Congress have launched a protest rally on Thursday at Agartala today voicing against the bulldozing of party offices built over the govt lands. Around 150 activists were arrested during the protest led by the Congress state President Birjit Sinha. Congress leader Gopal Roy and other top leaders were present in that rally. The rally was conducted following an party level meeting the Congress Bhawan at Post Office Chowmuhani. From various subdivisions Congress activists have joined today in a meeting and after the meeting the protest rally was conducted. The Congress in the meeting also decided to strengthen the party for the upcoming Lok Sabha Election and other elections, accepting the fall of Congress in the Assembly Election 2018.On the background of the rally, Congress President Birjit Sinha alleged that since the BJP came in power, democracy has been snatched and opposition supporters are facing hard times.

Thus as a reaction over the bulldozing of various party offices within a very short time of 7 days, the Congress will organize an Akrosh-rally on tomorrow as a part of protest. Congress will also take legal action against BJP led Tripura Govt for demolishing various party offices of them. On the other side, BJP Govt led bulldozing of party offices on govt lands are going on in full wave across Tripura. Today at Kamalpur many party offices were bulldozed”.

When, various BJP offices are also under govt notice of bulldozing, Congress leader Gopal Roy said, “Our party offices are not new. After 30 years of completion how a party office can be demolished without compensation and within 7 days ? Not only this, the party office today they bulldozed it was 40 years old”. 

Congress President Birjit Sinha said, "All party offices on hills have been served with notices of bulldozing. This Kamarpukur located party office has also been noticed to be evicted. But each office including Municipality office also is built over Govt land here. Why only the Congress Bhawan has been targeted ? No meeting was also called for any discussion with us. Is this democracy ?"

The Congress also accused the BJP Govt for targeting Congress Bhawans when various shops, markets even houses are built over the govt land, remained untouched.

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