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Anti War Forum celebrates World Peace Day
Anti War Forum celebrates World Peace Day
PHOTO : Mass anti-war rally being organized in Agartala headed by CM Manik Sarkar. TIWN Pic Sept 1

AGARTALA, September 1 (TIWN): The Joddhu Birodhi Moncho or Anti War Forum today held a massive rally at Agartala city to celebrate the International Anti Imperialism Day or World Peace Day.

Agartala Municipal Corporation Mayor Dr. Prafullajit Sinha administered a swear-in ceremony for all participants before the rally started.

Approximately 30,000 people participated in the rally today, marking one the largest rallies of recent times. The rally raised slogans against imperialism and neo-liberal attacks on third world walks through the streets of Agartala city on September 01. The Day was celebrated as the International Anti Imperialism Day to mark the centenary of the 1st World War.

 People from different strata of the society including intellectuals, security personnel, cultural artists, political activists and others participated in the rally. Though named a common apolitical platform, the rally was found to be an assemblage of most left political parties and leaders. Chief Minister Manik Sarkar, CPI (M) Tripura general secretary Bijan Dhar, Forward Block president Dr. Brajagopal Roy, leaders of RSP, CPI and all frontal organizations of the left parties joined the rally today.

Participants from cultural troupes, social activist organizations and other forums joined the parade as well.

Fascist Germany led by Adolph Hitler invaded Poland to start the world's deadliest war till date against humanity on September 01, 1939. Since then the destruction of life and property continued for five long years -throwing the entire world into war and anarchy.

The Day is observed as the World Peace Day or International Anti War Day to remember the futility and destruction of war. The rally blockaded all streets of the city for around 2:30 hours this afternoon including roads leading to two major hospitals of the city – Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital and GBP Hospital. 

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