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Tripura CM suspends Officers, Quality Inspectors for poor road maintenance : 'No need of such officers !', says CM
TIWN March 13, 2018
Tripura CM suspends Officers, Quality Inspectors for poor road maintenance  : 'No need of such officers !', says CM
PHOTO : Tripura CM suspends Govt Officers at Gandacherra. TIWN Pic March 13

AGARTALA, March 13 (TIWN): With a big blow, the newly appointed Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Deb today has suspended many Govt officers on spot following the 2 years of low qualities works under PWD. Chief Minister was visiting Dhalai Dist and after visiting Gandacherra, CM lost his temper seeing the pathetic road condition at there. However, CM before coming in power had visited the spot many times and today while interacting with the Govt employees, he mentioned, "No bus comes here, no truck comes here, but just because I will come today, a minimum repairing work was done anyhow, but still couldn't cover the gaps". The officers including quality-inspectors involved in the work were suspended and the company which was engaged in that work was blacklisted. The person certified the road known as quality-inspector, was also suspended. "No need of such officers ! Inquiry will be done later, but first suspend them", said Deb. Noteworthy, the day Chief Minister took charges warned the Govt employees to work properly and to develop 'work culture'. Addressing the employees via media CM said, "The people who are in Govt jobs, I like to tell you to do your duty rightly, be time-bound, come to office in correct time and also complete everyday's work in time".

"We need to develop the work-culture. I would not say, we don't have work-culture, but we should be more into that. Govt is by the people. After people have voted, then only Govt came in power. The Govt employees are those, via whom, the State Govt will work. You are the representatives of the Govt and thus I am calling all officials of each department to come in office in time and to be punctual".

The CM also asked the officers to telephone him directly.  "While working, if any officer is facing problems directly call me, but  don't call me to complain against anything or anyone..... but if you face such critical problems, don't hesitate to call me....but the work needs to be done", said CM.

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