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Hema Malini uses Umbrella during road show at Dhanpur : 'Ghar Ghar Modi, Har Har Modi', says Hema
TIWN Feb 12, 2018
Hema Malini uses Umbrella during road show at Dhanpur : 'Ghar Ghar Modi, Har Har Modi', says Hema
PHOTO : Hema Malini in Dhanpur road-show. TIWN Pic Feb 12

DHANPUR / AGARTALA, Feb 12 (TIWN): BJP's star campaigning led by film actress, MP Hema Malini turned heavy upon Dhanpur BJP candidate Pratima Bhowmik as local CPI-M activists have already started controversy with her 'umbrella' using while interacting with masses. Hema Malini's road show on Vijay-Rath-Yatra has received a fresh criticism after the sunlight of Manik Sarkar's Dhanpur seemed to her as 'Too Much', which led her to use umbrella in Dhanpur rally. However, beginning her speech with Sanskrit slokas, offering prayers to Tripura Sundari Goddess, Malini mentioned, "All Indians today know one thing : Ghar Ghar Modi and Har Har Modi".

"Tripura is lagging behind even after 70 years of independence, but we are lucky that in 2014, India got a Prime Minister  like PM Modi". 

"After Modi became the Chief Minister of Gujarat, then the fate of Gujarat changed and it became a Model-State. Now, after he became the Prime Minister of India he is trying to change the whole India".

"Jan Dhan Yojna is itself an example of Modi economic revolution. Modi is working for tribals, poor, deprived people across Nation. Our govt is keeping the balance of equality regardless man and women", said Malini.

"Even though Demonetization was criticized by Congress and CPI-M but due to demonetization India's economy never met any loss", added Hema Malini. 

"You will repent if you don't vote for BJP" ! , said Malini at Dhanpur. 

The BJP leader also appreciated Tripura BJP for their dedication level for the party.

"Before coming in Dhanpur, I thought there will be much Dhan(money), industries but there is nothing. So, why do you want to vote for CPI-M ? Dhanpur must be changed into Doulotpur. Next time when I come, I want to see various industries are here and lots of employment under Lotus Garden", added she.

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