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Udaipur's Left candidates submit nomination papers led by 10,000 people’s rally : BJP’s campaigning going very slow
TIWN Jan 29, 2018
Udaipur's Left candidates submit nomination papers led by 10,000 people’s rally : BJP’s campaigning going very slow
PHOTO : Udaipur's Left candidates submit nomination papers. TIWN Pic Jan 29

UDAIPUR, Jan 29 (TIWN): Although the opposition BJP after candidates' list out till now, failed to organize a single massive gathering and the BJP leaders are yet to overcome Delhi-visit's puzzles, on the other side Chief Minister Manik Sarkar is campaigning across the state everyday. Today maximum CPI-M leaders are submitting nomination papers across the state including Chief Minister Manik Sarkar at Dhanpur, but at Udaipur also CPI-M successfully organized above 10,000 people’s gathering while MLA Madhab Saha, Minister Ratan Bhowmik, Minister Naresh Jamatia, RSP leader Srikanta Datta were submitting nomination papers. A huge rally was organized from Udaipur Jamtali area and it followed at the SDM office. The constituencies of the Left leaders are R K Pur (RSP candidate : Srikanta Datta), Matabari (Madhab Saha), Bagma (Naresh Jamatia), Ratan Bhowmik (Kakrabon).

On the other side, in R K Pur area BJP has not conducted a single rally whereas CPI-M everyday evening two times holding 2 rounds of rally across R K Pur on behalf of RSP leader Srikanta Datta.

Above 10 days have been passed after the election date’s announcement and CPI-M day night is uploading also various rallies, CM’s addresses whether in comparison with CPI-M BJP has lost 10 days in vain only in announcing nominees.

These 10 days will cost BJP heavily and common people are also upset, who wanted the Govt to change.

BJP on the other side, deeply believes only star campaigning will bring the BJP in power and in their social site also except few posters, banners and badmouthing about CPI-M, no physical activity is seen from door to door. Whether BJP leaders at Delhi and Krishnanagar Party office know it or not, but inside many areas, BJP's activists are not working properly , at least in comparison with the ruling CPI-M.

Defeat or winning doesn't matters, but CPI-M is doing its best to win the election, but BJP's performance even though in last 2 months were excellent but just 2 weeks ahead of the election it has become slow. 


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