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BJP raises inverted national flag at Udaipur
TIWN Jan 26, 2018
BJP raises inverted national flag at Udaipur
PHOTO : BJP raises inverted national flag at Udaipur. TIWN Pic Jan 26

AGARTALA, Jan 26 (TIWN): BJP at Udaipur has come under controversy after Kakarabon BJP raised inverted national flag on 69th Republic Day.

When people started to click pictures, then at around 9 AM the party members again fixed their mistakes.

The rival CPI-M has already come in defaming the BJP, mocking at their claims about nationalism.

However local BJP leaders said, “It’s ofcourse a mistake and we don’t deny it. But as soon as the matter came to notice we have fixed it”.

"But this is not the first time that such mistakes are happening in our state. CPI-M did it many times. BJP at least tried to observe the day but the CPI-M even didn’t raise National Flag also", said BJP at there. 

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